Best Electric Wall Heaters

Having an electric wall heater helps you warm up your room during the cold winter months and saves your energy bills a lot. With it, you can largely save the cost you would incur using an entire central heating system to keep your home warm. However, getting the right heater these days is quite a challenge since several models are out there. These models differ in designs, styles, costs, features, and functionality. That, therefore, means that you need a guide to help you narrow down the options and finally get the best electric wall heater that will meet your needs.

This article gives you a comprehensive review of what it takes to find your dream electric wall heater. A good one should keep you warm and happy but without the usual gruesome ordeal of confusing installation procedures as well as maintenance hassles. So where can you get such a heater? It is simple. You need to know about the top electric wall heaters currently sold in the market. In addition, you need to explore their specifications in terms of features, energy efficiency and market rating. If getting such information has been a challenge, then you have finally found it. All you need is here, and without further ado, let’s dive into the details about the best electric wall heaters.

Our best overall heater is Stiebel Eltron CKT 15E Electric Wall Heater. It operates quietly and is highly effective as well. On the other hand, the best option for money that we would recommend is King W2420 Electric Wall Heater. It is the best option if you want to save a lot and get a good heater at the same time.

Our Top 5 List of the Best Electric Wall Heaters

The market is full of many models of heaters labelled as the best electric wall heaters. While there are excellent models among them, determining which one is the best can really be tricky, especially for first-time buyers. In fact, one can only pick the best if they have the right information about various models. Vital information here means specifications/features, performance, as well as the pros and cons. To help you have an easy choice process, we have gathered all the useful pieces of information you need regarding electric wall heaters. Here are the top five electric wall heaters you should consider if you are looking for the best one for your home:

#1: King W2420 Electric Wall Heater

This model tops our list for several reasons. First, unlike many other models, King W2420 Electric Wall Heater is powerful enough to the extent that it can be used as a primary heating system for small and medium-sized rooms at home. Some people, in fact, use it in commercial spaces, and for sure, it does not disappoint. Its ability to produce up to 2000 watts assures you that you won’t be made to feel uncomfortable during the winter months.

For effective warming or heating of your room, this electric wall heater is built in a way that evenly distributes the heat throughout your room. This is made possible by the fact that it has a four-bladed metal fan. The heater can easily push warm air to the entire room with such a fan, provided nothing is obstructing it. It is also worth noting that this heater is energy efficient, and it can last longer if it is installed well and maintained regularly.

One other thing that buyers should know about King W2420 Electric Wall Heater is that it matches both traditional and modern décor. Its versatility is attributable to its white grille, which, according to experts, can blend perfectly with many types of decors. So if you want something that won’t look like an island on the wall, then you now have an option for yourself. Just get it from reputable sellers, and you’ll be happy. Its price and warranty details are available on Amazon for your reference. Indeed, this is an electric wall heater worth acquiring for your small or medium rooms at home.


  • Installation is simple as it comes with a detailed guide
  • It is a highly durable wall heater that comes with a one year warranty for its components
  • Its capacity to produce high levels of heat makes it the best one to get for cold winter months
  • It is a plus to any décor you have and will make your room look smarter


  • It can be noisy hence might not be the best if you want the quietest electric wall heater
  • You need to be cautious when using it since it does not have a built-in thermostat; hence it can easily overheat
  • It may not be the best for your bedroom, or any other place where controlling it is a bit challenging

#2: Broan 170 Electric Wall Heater

If you want a heater with a medium heating capacity that’s ideal for your small room, then the Broan 170 Electric Wall Heater is undoubtedly the best choice for you. One outstanding feature about this heater is that it takes the shortest time possible to heat up. That, therefore, means when you come home in the evening or wake up in the morning, and it’s freezing, you just need to switch on the heater, and warm air will start spreading immediately. In addition, you can keep the temperature constant by making use of the thermostat. That saves you a lot when it comes to energy bills, and it also prevents overheating.

Ideally, Broan 170 Electric Wall Heater is the best for hallways, bathrooms, and other smaller rooms that need immediate warmth. This does not, however, prevent you from using it in other rooms. Its design makes it a unique one, and with the ability to match any décor. You, therefore, won’t complain about design or interference with your décor if you acquire this heater for your home. Its white grille and other features are just perfect. Indeed, this is another great choice that should top your list of heaters to consider. For further details on price and warranty, among others, check the product on Amazon. You’ll also get previews of what other buyers have to say about this electric wall heater.


  • It has a thermostat; hence you won’t have to worry about overheating
  • It is highly versatile, and it can even be used in damp and humid areas like for heating your bathroom
  • It is built uniquely and is highly durable compared to other models in the market


  • It may not be the best heater for medium or larger rooms since it is not so powerful
  • While it has a thermostat, temperature control is a bit challenging since its thermostat uses lines for levels and lacks increments as well
  • It can’t be used alone but can only act to supplement your home’s heating system

#3: Broan 194 High Capacity Electric Wall Heater

Broan 194 High Capacity Electric Wall Heater is a perfect choice for homeowners looking for a wall heater used as a primary heater for medium-sized rooms. It is a high-capacity model that can produce up to 3000watts of heat. That means if you already have a heating system in place, you shouldn’t add this one as a supplementary, especially for small rooms. It can only do so for large rooms that need a little higher heat than others.

For safety and prevention of overheat that can easily cause fire, this heater has a built-in thermostat. In addition, its grille is designed in a way that it can direct heat to all directions, including the floor. Also, the grille, which is white enamel, perfectly blends with a wide variety of décor styles. So whether your home has traditional or modern décor, this heater will perfectly blend with it, provided it is mounted at the right place. Indeed, it is a great addition both to your home’s décor as well as the heating system. For details on price and warranty from the manufacturer, check it on Amazon.


  • It is a perfect match for a wide array of decors; hence it is a great addition to your home’s interior beauty.
  • It keeps the room temperature constant and cannot overheat since it has an adjustable thermostat for temperature regulation and shuts down in case of excess heat.
  • Very effective and distributes heat to all directions, including to the floor


  • You cannot use it in your bedroom or even in the living room since it is noisy.
  • Delivery is sometimes a problem as some customers have complained of missing parts.


#4: The StiebelEltron CKT 15E Electric Wall Heater

The Stiebel Eltron CKT 15E Electric Wall Heater is another great option for looking for the best-rated electric wall heaters. The one great thing about it that makes it unique among others is that you can use it anywhere in your house. Its heating capacity makes it appropriate for small to medium rooms as it can produce up to 1500 watts of heat which is ideal for such rooms. It also has amazing safety features, and its installation is simple and hassle-free if you follow the recommended steps.

When it comes to design, Stiebel Eltron CKT 15E Electric Wall Heater is also great and will undoubtedly be a plus to your interior décor. In addition, it is usable in damp areas such as the bathroom. However, this does not prevent you from using it in your living room or bedroom and any other room where your heat requirements match those provided by this great electric wall heater. It is also durable, and details regarding price, warranty, and additional features are available on Amazon.


  • Unlike other electric wall heaters, Stiebel Eltron CKT 15E Electric Wall Heater operates quietly; hence you can use it in your bedroom or living room without being bothered by noise as it warms up your room.
  • It has temperature settings that allow you to choose the levels of heat that you want in your room.
  • Its relatively high capacity makes it a great addition to your home’s heating system, especially if you want a powerful electric heater.


  • You may have to look for an expert to help you install it at home since the procedure it comes with is a bit not easy to understand.

#5: Cadet Com-Pak Wall Heater

If you have a large room and would like to be heating it in the morning or evening at a relatively fast time, then Cadet Com-Pak Wall Heater is the option that you should choose. Its design and coils heat so fast, and you won’t have to wait any longer to have your room warmed up during the chilling months of winter. Its fans are also great when it comes to heat distribution. You, however, need to ensure that it is mounted well and there is nothing that can obstruct the heater from heating the entire room.

Cadet Com-Pak Wall Heater is undoubtedly the best as it comes to safety features as it has in-built overheat protection. Thus, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about fire or too much heat in your room with it. It is also worth noting that the heater can last many years with the overheat protection since it is usually the excess heat that often causes damage. Interestingly, you can also add a thermostat if the type you got does not have an in-built one. With that, you’ll be 100% assured of safety and maximum functionality.

Regarding décor, this heater has a great design that matches a wide variety of interior decors. Although it is rectangular in shape, it does not have sharp edges at the corners. The finishing is also a smooth and nice one that will no doubt add to your interior décor. Finally, you can get it in many leading online stores, including Amazon. It sells at great prices, and you can check its latest price on the platform. If you acquire it, you’ll get a 2-year warranty from the day you buy it. You can also have a look at what other buyers have to say about this wall heater.


  • It is a complete electric wall heater with a thermostat. You can choose one with a built-in thermostat, or you can add your own for easy control of temperatures.
  • Highly efficient and distributes heat throughout the room easily
  • It can last for many years if used well and regularly maintained


  • You cannot use it in smaller rooms since it has a very high heating capacity only suited for larger rooms at home.

Not only are these five electric wall heaters the top in the market, but they are also the most popular ones according to customer reviews on leading online platforms like Amazon. You just need to make your own comparison using the information provided, so you finally pick one that will do a good heating job for you. If you understand your needs and know your size or room, then picking one from this list is a straightforward job that doesn’t need to give you a headache.

Common Properties and Characteristics of Electric Wall Heaters to Consider When Making a Comparison

Electric wall heaters have distinctive properties and characteristics that make them unique from other heating devices. Furthermore, different electric wall heaters have different features that one can use when making a judgment on which one can best meet their heating needs at home. Essentially, these are the features that one should look at and use to decide which brand is the best among the many available options. Here are the most important characteristics you should check:

a) Power Output

While most electric wall heaters are the same regarding power consumption, they are different in their energy output or strength, as some people call it. Some can provide heat to large rooms effectively, while others are best for smaller rooms. Therefore, this means that your room’s size should also guide you in determining the best heater. You should get something that will warm up the entire room effectively.

Also, every electric wall heater has power output settings and degrees written on their dials to guide you. These are the power output settings that you should never neglect since they provide very vital information. If you want a heater that can work well with larger rooms, then go for those that provide 2kw or even more than that. For smaller rooms, those rated within a range of 1.5kw to a maximum of 2kw can work well for you. But even with such information, you should know that some manufacturers sometimes do not indicate the right heat that their heaters produce. You may thus need some expert advice, so you pick the right one.

b) Energy Efficiency/Electricity Usage

While acquiring an electric wall heater can help you keep your room warm during the cold season, it also comes with another cost. You, of course, won’t be happy to have something that will be inflating energy bills at home. Instead, you should go for a device that is both energy-efficient and is also effective. But is it possible to get such a heater? Well, several models are efficient and effective when it comes to using them to warm up rooms. You can identify them from their features or specifications provided by different sellers, including Amazon.

Aside from checking energy ratings and output as indicators of energy efficiency/electricity usage, you also need to take precautionary measures to save energy bills. For instance, you should only switch the heater when you need it, like in the morning and during cold evenings. Also, use heaters in the specific rooms you need warmth only. You should avoid switching on the entire home heating system, yet you only need heat in the bathroom or living room. If you get energy-efficient wall heaters and use them well, you will never complain about energy bills.

c) The Appearance of the Heater

Since they are mounted on walls, electric wall heaters should be chosen with a lot of care. You, of course, can’t get something that will mess up your home’s interior décor. Some wall heaters have great designs and are good-looking when put on the walls of the room frequently used by family members. Those are the ones you need for living, dining rooms, and others where décor is vital. For rooms such as the garage or bathroom, you can just look for a heater that will provide the needed warmth.

You should, however, note that some heaters are great-looking, but when it comes to performance, they may not attain the levels you expect. That, therefore, calls for vigilance during the purchase process, so you don’t trade off performance for appearance. They are both important, and you should not sacrifice one for another. What is important is ensuring that what you purchase for your home will do its job without altering the existing décor.

d) Heater Size and the Dimensions

While most electric wall heaters are slim, there are other vital dimensions that you should check when weighing the options available for you. Specifically, you should be keen when it comes to height since it matters a lot regarding safety. Note that safety requirements dictate that the closest items to the heater should be at least three feet away. You should thus go for a heater that won’t affect your furnishings because it’s too large. A good one should match your room and mount nicely on the wall. So check the width and height since different models differ when it comes to these dimensions.

e) With or Without a Thermostat?

Most electric wall heaters have a built-in thermostat, but not all of them do have this feature. Moreover, it is not a must that they have it. That’s why you will find lots of heaters without them, and they still sell. Getting one with or without it is a matter of personal choice, but it is often recommended that you go for a model with a thermostat for safety. It is safe and also saves a lot when it comes to energy consumption at home.

Ideally, an electric wall heater that has a built-in thermostat shuts down when certain temperatures are reached. Thus, you can switch such heaters on and rest assured that there won’t be excess heat in the room. But what do you do if you find an electric wall heater that is good in all aspects but does not have a thermostat? Well, you can get an expert to set up a dial on the front panel for control purposes. With such an option, you can fully control how your wall heater will work.

f) Purchase Price/Your Budget

Your budget also matters a lot when it comes to purchasing an electric wall heater. If you have a tight one, you’ll have to go for options that will fit that. Fortunately, electric wall heaters come in many models that differ greatly in price. We can, therefore, say that there are cheap options, and at the same time, there are options that are also expensive. That means you will still get a heater no matter your budget constraints. That sounds great, but there are many other things associated with the price that you should know.

In most cases, a heater’s price depends on the quality of the parts used, the finish, output settings, and safety features. Therefore, heaters that are a bit expensive usually have many and great features. They are usually the most energy-efficient wall heaters, quietest wall heaters, and far much safer than others. If these are the features you want, then you must be ready to spend more. However, the extra amount you spend is worth it since they often do a good job and are very safe.

While there could be other things you need to note before choosing a heater, these are the most important ones to guide your decision. If you understand them and consider them, you will definitely get the best-rated electric wall heaters to make you happy and warm your room. Remember that these devices are like an investment. You should do your homework right and go for the best if you want to enjoy good returns. With this information in mind, picking one will not be a hassle in any way.

Electric Wall Heaters Installation Guide

Unlike other heating devices, wall heaters must be installed or mounted on the wall first before using them. The process of mounting them is, however, not easy. You not only need to have the right procedure but should also ensure that you do it correctly. Most importantly, you should ensure that it is safe for the room you plan to use. As a precautionary measure, never have it installed in dump areas to contact water easily. Precisely, here is a stepwise procedure that will make your work easier:


Get a heater from a reputable seller that you can trust to offer you the best products and warranty just in case you get a defective device. One such great online platform is Amazon. It gives you a chance to compare several heaters using the information and specifications it provides for use by buyers. You can also read what other buyers have to say about the heater you are considering. With that, you’ll definitely make the best choice of a reliable electric wall heater for your home.


Identify a Suitable Place to Mount It:  The most suitable place to mount your electric wall heater is on a wall where the heater can best distribute heat. Such a place should be open and not covered by anything. Areas like behind the door or anywhere else where the heater is likely to be obstructed are not recommendable. Most importantly, make sure that it is a place where a power cable can easily be fed, have easy control, and power the heater.


Identify the power supply circuit that you will be using and switch it off. As a matter of safety and a smooth installation process without any risk of shock, you should switch off the circuit to connect to the heater.


Mark the position of the heater on the wall already identified and cut it to create a hall that you’ll insert the heater. You should, however, beware of any pipework or electricity lines earlier installed in the wall, so you do not interfere with them. If you are not sure, find it out first lest you end up creating other problems during the process.


With the help of an electrician, have a new circuit specifically for the heater alone. An independent circuit is safe, and it is easy to maintain, especially when it comes to repairs or identification of any faults. But if you must use another circuit, please make sure that the work is done properly by an experienced electrician. Otherwise, having a separate circuit for the heater only is the best option.


Feed the connecting cable through the heater’s mounting box, then allow the wiring to contact the heater’s connectors. For easy connection, it is recommended that using the right tool, you strip the cable’s sheathing at the end but do it carefully so as not to cause any damage. Once that is done, making a connection becomes very simple for you, and it will work perfectly.


Cutaway any excess wiring cables and make sure that no wires protrude out of the heater’s mounting box. Also, any naked wires should be covered for safety and to prevent accidents due to poor connections. In addition, the heater should fit within its box and should not heat the wall; otherwise, it might cause serious damage to it.


Have a final check to ensure that all connections are made properly. Ideally, the person doing the work or the electrician should cross-check everything right from how the connection started to the end. If the work were done hurriedly, you wouldn’t miss finding one or two things that might have been done wrong. This step will, therefore, help you to make the necessary corrections to prevent accidents.


Once everything is checked properly, test if the heater will do the job you want it to do, so turn on the power supply then see if the heater works correctly. The test should take a few minutes. If the heater has a thermostat, allow it to heat up to the highest level, then see if the thermostat automatically switches it off. If that is the case, you are done with the job and ready to enjoy warmth even during the cold months of winter.


Finally, put everything back in its rightful position, and ensure that your home’s décor is not affected by the new stuff on the wall. In fact, it should make your wall look better if you were lucky to get a heater with a great design that matches your home’s décor.

As you might have noted, the process is simple and won’t take a lot of time to work with the right person. It is always good to seek the help of an expert if you want the job to be done nicely. However, you can do it yourself if you have the right skills and know what it takes to mount the best electric wall heater for your home.

Reasons You Should Have a Couple of Electric Wall Heaters at Home

Although you might not use them as primary heating devices at home, you have all the right reasons to acquire electric wall heaters for your home. They are a great addition, and will always help you when you need some quick warmth, for instance, in the morning or even when taking showers in your bathroom. This is not, however, the only reason you should acquire an electric wall heater for yourself. There are many other benefits that you are guaranteed to enjoy if you get the best wall heater. Specifically, here are other amazing reasons to get a wall heater:

They are Environmentally Friendly

In this era where there are calls for keeping our environment clean, you can do so by getting yourself a wall heater. This device is environmentally friendly because it does not take anything from the air, and neither does it release anything to it. It just produces clean warmth, and it is highly effective when you need quick warmth at home.

Energy Efficient and Can Lower Your Heating Bills

If energy bills have been an issue to you and you’ve been thinking of ways that you can use to reduce it, then get yourself electric wall heaters. Unlike your central heating system, wall heaters can control temperatures to the levels you want without consuming excess power. Also, their power consumption is low since they use a fan system to blow out warm air instead of consuming electricity to transform into heat. Give it a try, and you’ll see your energy bills reduce by up to 25% if you get the best wall heaters.

They Don’t Need a Lot of Space.

You don’t need to create a lot of space to put your electric wall heater. In fact, some are so thin that they will only take a small space in the wall you choose, and that is enough to take care of your warmth needs at home. Even if you have to cut some space, you won’t need a lot of it. Thus, you should consider getting them if you want to save on space and even improve your home’s décor.

They Are a Relatively Cheap Home Heating Option

Unlike a couple of other space heaters, electric wall heaters are cheap, and some even cost as little as $50, meaning that you won’t have to blow away all your savings to acquire them. Even if you go for the most expensive models, you will still save some amount in the end. Furthermore, installation is also not a big deal, and it won’t cost you much if you get the right person to do the job for you. You should, therefore, get them if you’ve been looking for a cheaper home heating alternative that won’t strain you.

They Are Considered a Safe Home Heating Option

Electric wall heaters, especially those with a built-in thermostat, are considered safe for two main reasons. First, they automatically shut down when certain temperature levels are reached. You won’t, therefore, be worried about excess heat or fires. Secondly, you can’t knock them down while walking since they are mounted on the wall. It is thus safe to have them if you have kids and pets at home.

In a nutshell, using electric wall heaters is very beneficial, and you’ve got all the right reasons to have a number of them at home. Anytime you think about a home heating system, just imagine these amazing benefits, and you’ll no doubt go for one to help you make your home comfortable even in the coldest seasons.

Three Vital Things to Keep In Your Mind about Electric Wall Heaters

To call this guide a complete one for buyers looking for the best wall heaters, we must mention a few downsides of these devices. Well, they are not really the disadvantages to say, but just a few things to remember before you finally make a purchase decision. If you keep this in mind, then you will be sure if the device you are about to buy will solve your problem completely or it’s just a temporary solution: Here we go

#1: Deciding on the Connection Can be Tricky

Installing a new heater can be tricky, especially when deciding where you would like to turn it on and off. In most cases, it is recommended and is, in fact, easy to install during a renovation, so you have a separate switch for it. But in case you want it at a time when you are not doing any renovation, you should connect it with one of your light switches. While that will work, one drawback is that there will be a dependency between the heater and the light. Every time you turn the light on, the heater also starts working. It is, therefore, recommended that you try to have a separate switch for the heater alone.

#2: A Wall Heater Can’t Be Moved Once Installed Unless You Re-Install It

One other vital thing worth noting about electric wall heaters is that you won’t be able to move them once you install them. You must, therefore, be careful to choose the right place where the heater can easily heat the whole area you want to be heated. So if you choose the right place, you will not have any issues, but it might not make you happy if you do not. Remember that once it is put on the wall, it becomes part of the infrastructure at home. In fact, those that require a cutout in the wall cannot be relocated once installed. So have this in mind, and choose a perfect place to install your electric wall heater.

#3: An Electric Wall Heater is a Complementary Device to Your Home Heating System

You should also note that an electric wall heater cannot serve as the primary heater at home. You can only use it to support your primary system. This does not, however, mean that it cannot work alone. If you live alone, and you just need a small device to heat your room, then it is enough for you. In the case of large families, let an electric wall heater be there to support your primary home heating system.

In a nutshell, these are not disadvantages or drawbacks of electric wall heaters. These are just a few things you must bear in mind about these important devices. They play a very vital role when installed well and positioned at the right places. So as you finally place an order for the model you have chosen, please beware of these important facts.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, electric wall heaters are great heating devices you can add to your home’s central heating system to help keep it warm at all times. You should, however, keep in mind that there are so many models of wall heaters that you will find in the market. While most of them are branded as the best-rated wall heaters, some are, in fact, not great for you. You should, therefore, have a way of determining the best among them. With this guide, making a choice will be an easy task since all the information you need is here. Just apply it, and you will find the best electric wall heater for your home.

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