Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Many people often do not use the fireplaces built into their living rooms for a couple of reasons. First, the hassle of chopping wood to use is not a favourite task to many. Furthermore, lighting fire and thereafter cleaning the fireplace is also another task that not everyone likes doing. For this reason, fireplaces built into living rooms are rarely used as intended during the initial construction. If you are one of those homeowners who have fireplaces and do not use them, you miss a lot. There is nothing greater and more enjoyable than sitting comfortably in your living room, especially in the evening, to enjoy the cozy ambiance of a fire. So what’s the way out if chopping firewood is a hassle? Well, there is an alternative.

Fireplace inserts can save you a lot, and you won’t again be bothered to chop woods or buy coals, let alone cleaning the fireplace. You need to get the best wood-burning fireplace insert. With it, you’ll enjoy a crackling fire in the fireplace in your living room. While this is a great option, there is also another great challenge that comes with fireplace inserts. These days, there are so many brands out there in the market. As a result, picking one that will work best is a big challenge, especially for first-time buyers.

In this article, we highlight some of the best and, in fact, top-rated fireplaces inserts in the market that you can choose from if you are looking for one. We give you options and dive into other vital areas like how to choose one, the pros and cons of different brands, their efficiency, and performance, among other vital aspects. From our list of top five, our best wood-burning fireplace insert overall is US Stove 2200i EPA Certified Insert. It is highly efficient, and you won’t have to be bothered with maintenance.  Its finish is also great and matches many different decors. Our best wood-burning fireplace insert for money is Pleasant Hearth AT-1001 Ascot Fireplace Insert. It sells at a great price and is also efficient when it comes to burning wood to keep your room warm. We’ve narrowed it down to the top five brands, including these two, and they are undoubtedly among the best wood-burning fireplace inserts.

Our Top 5 Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Reviews

To help you get the best wood-burning fireplace insert for your home, we’ve reduced a long list of many brands in the market to just five top models. We’ve picked these five by considering a wide range of factors that include their unique features, reviews (they are all top-rated), prices, and what other buyers and users of fireplaces inserts have to say about them. If you pick one from this list, rest assured that your heating needs will be met. For an easy selection process by buyers, we’ve put together all the information you need including their pros and cons, so you get a clear picture of each of these fireplace inserts:

#1: EPI-1402P Napoleon Wood Burning Insert

EPI-1402P Napoleon Wood Burning Insert works great and heats well hence you can use it as the primary heating system for your home. You won’t have to worry about smoke with it since it is effective in burning wood, and it burns it evenly. To ensure that your room won’t be filled with smoke, this top-rated wood-burning insert has a re-burner that makes sure that all exhaust gases containing soot are burnt again. You’ll also enjoy quiet operation if you acquire it since its fans are made in a way that allows it to operate without any noise.

This insert is made to fit a wide range of fireplaces regarding the size and whether it will fit your fireplace. You, however, have to take another precaution of ensuring that the woods you insert are 18”. Anything above that won’t fit the space provided for firewood. You have to be cautious with this since firewood sellers might not bother to advise you, and many of them, in fact, sell woods of length between 20” and 24”. But this shouldn’t give you a headache since it is something you can fix. The simplest way to do it is to ask your supplier to be bringing you those that will work well for your insert.

When it comes to the finish, the EPI-1402P Napoleon Wood Burning Insert is a great one, and it will undoubtedly add to your décor. Its look is great, and the style is also amazing. That’s why it tops the list of our five best wood-burning fireplace inserts. The other thing that makes it great is the fact that it is easy to clean after use. Also, its firebricks are easy to replace since they have a standard size. Indeed, this is that great wood-burning stove you’ve been searching for, and you won’t regret it if you give it a try. It is available on Amazon and can be shipped to many countries.


  • It has a great shape, amazing finish and is a perfect match for many decors.
  • It can last for at least ten years when used well and maintained .regularly
  • Works great is quiet, and burns wood effectively


  • You might spend a little more, but it is worth it anyway

#2: US Stove 2200i EPA Certified Insert

If you want a fireplace insert that will distribute heat to your entire living room and make your home feel comfortable, this is what you need. The US Stove 2200i EPA Certified Insert is another great insert that works well, and you can use it as the primary heating system for your home. It can effectively heat up to 1,800 square feet and has an 18” log capacity; hence you might also have to be sure that the firewood you buy is a perfect fit. It is also worth noting that this fireplace insert is EPA certified, and it is built to meet industry standards. You can thus be sure of good performance and durability with it.

When it comes to the design, US Stove 2200i EPA Certified Insert stands unique among all others. Its firebox has a firebrick lining that helps retain heat so that more of it is brought to the room. It also has a damper that supplies primary air and is adjustable, giving you the freedom to decide your comfort level. When it comes to emissions and efficiency, this fireplace insert offers increased efficiency and reduced emissions. As a result, it saves you a lot, and it is also great for the environment. Lastly, its exterior is made of tough plate steel that guarantees you many years of performance. Warranty details, price, and shipment information are available on Amazon. You can also look at what other buyers have to say about this wood-burning fireplace insert on the platform.


  • It requires less maintenance and is greatly efficient; hence it saves you the spending on wood.
  • It has a great finish that is a plus to your home interior décor
  • It has a blower that works great in distributing heat from the stove to the entire room


  • No serious complaint reported so far about it by past users

#3: Pleasant Hearth AT-1001 Ascot Fireplace Insert

The Pleasant Hearth AT-1001 Ascot Fireplace Insert is another great option that you can get for your home, and rest assured of enjoying the warmth of the traditional wood fire. It is a high-heat insert perfect for homeowners who would like to experience the feeling of sitting close to the traditional fireplace during the cold evenings. In addition, its black finish not only makes it great for your décor but also makes it versatile and hence compatible with a wide array of interior decors. Aside from that, there are a couple of many other factors that make this wood-burning fireplace insert a great one. Indeed, it qualifies to be rated top for its amazing performance.

Its design that includes a tempered glass door makes it efficient and reduces heat loss. It is also easy to install since it comes fully assembled. The material used to construct it is steel and is medium-sized with a weight of 47.5 pounds. Unlike many other fireplace inserts, the Pleasant Hearth AT-1001 Ascot Fireplace Insert is made as a surface mount. This insert has easy-grip handles and heat-resistant insulation to keep more heat and distribute it effectively to your room for ease of use. With this insert, you also fully control the amount of heat you would like to enjoy. For a full fireplace view and maximum heat production, you need to open it to 180˚s, and you’ll enjoy it.

Reviews of buyers who have already acquired and used it indicates that this, indeed, is a good performing fireplace insert. Many seem to be aware that the insert is good to get when one is doing some renovation or remodelling of their living room. The reason is that at such times, you can have the fireplace insert adapted to suit your needs. You can give it a try and see what it is capable of doing. Like the others already discussed, the Pleasant Hearth AT-1001 Ascot Fireplace Insert sells on Amazon and comes with a one-year warranty.


  • High-quality wood burning fireplace insert that adds a real custom look to your living room
  • Easy to install, and in fact, you can do it in simple three steps only that involve just adding the handles.
  • Its black finish with clear glass gives it a great look and matches many interior designs.


  • You might have to adjust your fireplace to fit it

#4: Drolet EPA-Certified Escape Fireplace Wood Insert

Known for its cleaner emissions and ability to heat up to a 1600 square feet area effectively, the Drolet EPA-Certified Escape Fireplace Wood Insert features in our list of top five for all the right reasons. Its great design and amazing features that include secondary combustion make it very efficient.t and you won’t also complain of soot once you install it. It also has a great blower that spreads heat throughout your room, and you can view the fire since its door has ceramic glass. Another great thing you should note about this insert is that it has a firebrick lining that protects the steel. You can thus be sure to use it for as many years as possible provided that you maintain it well.

In a nutshell, the Drolet EPA-Certified Escape Fireplace Wood Insert is a perfect choice if you need plenty of heat in your room. With this wood-burning fireplace insert, you can burn those huge logs you have and convert them to heat/warmth that will make your room comfortable even at chilly times. Most importantly, you as a buyer should note that this insert is well-built, reliable, and gives the traditional warmth of the real wood fire. Just get it from a reputable seller, and you will never complain about it. It is good stuff to use in warming your house, and you don’t have to blow away all your savings to acquire it.


  • It is highly efficient when it comes to burning wood since it has a secondary combustion feature.
  • It has a great appearance and a unique finish that adds to interior décor
  • Can effectively heat the entire living room


  • You might have to seek the help of an expert in installing it

#5: Century Heating High-Efficiency Wood Stove Fireplace Insert

With an amazing efficiency rate of 76%, the Century Heating High-Efficiency Wood Stove Fireplace Insert can warm up your room no matter how large it is, even during the coldest of winter months. It has a capacity to heat up to 1600 square feet effectively. If you have a lot of wood available that can be burned to produce heat, then this is the insert to use in your fireplace from now henceforth. It is efficient and will save you many costs if you use it as the primary heating source for your home.

Apart from its great features, this type of insert is also popular among homeowners because its finish is great. If you get it and have a great décor, you’ll have something else to add to it and improve it further. In fact, according to experts, the Century Heating High-Efficiency Wood Stove Fireplace Insert performs even better than many electric and gas inserts sold out there in the market. Indeed, it is worth giving a try, and you have all the right reasons to get it for your fireplace.


  • It is highly efficient when it comes to burning wood.
  • Its blower is quiet when it is set to operate on the lower setting while using it.


  • It can be noisy if the blower is put at full blast operation.

You can pick any of them from our list depending on the features highlighted about each wood-burning fireplace insert. These five were picked based on their look, efficiency, and look as well. Their prices, however, vary and there are a bit expensive types while others are cheaper. As already mentioned in the introductory part of the article, the best insert for the budget is the Pleasant Hearth AT-1001 Ascot Fireplace Insert. On the other hand, the most expensive brand on our list is EPI-1402P Napoleon Wood Burning Insert. All are great when it comes to safety, efficiency, effectiveness, and durability. Whichever option you pick, rest assured of a great performance holding all other factors constant.

Important Considerations to Make Before Buying a Fireplace Insert

You can only get the best fireplace insert if you go about the process of choosing one carefully. As a matter of fact, you need to have a checklist to guide you as you narrow down the options to one great insert that will never let you down. You will, hence, need to ask yourself a few very vital questions which, if you answer correctly, will help you get the best. Just take your time, and you will no doubt find your dream wood-burning fireplace insert. Here are the questions to consider:

Q1: What Type of Fireplace Insert Is the Most Appropriate for You?

Fireplace inserts come in different types, and there are significant differences that you should know about them, so you make the right decision. Basically, you should know their differences in efficiency, ease of operation, safety, and cleanup requirements after use. With this information, you can weigh your options and see which one will best meet your needs. Here are the three types of fireplace inserts:

Wood Fireplace Inserts

This option tops our list for amazing reasons you should know as a buyer. In fact, this article focuses on this type of fireplace insert. First, if you want a type that can act as the primary heating source for your home, this is your thing. It is the best option to consider especially if you have constant access to wood. What is unique about wood insert is that the other types cannot match the heat it produces. Thus, you should go for this option if you always want to keep your home warm while saving utility bills.

Pellet Fireplace Inserts

This option works best if your living room’s fireplace has close electricity access. It is also a good one if you want an insert that requires less venting. Another advantage you are likely to enjoy with this option is the fact that pellets are cheaper. You can thence save on energy bills if you invest in it. With that said, there is also something worth noting about pellets that, as a homeowner, you ought to know. A lot of maintenance is needed, in fact, daily for this option. For instance, you should refill the pellets and empty the ashtray if you want to enjoy using it. It might, thus, not be the best option for you if daily maintenance is a hassle.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

These inserts are another safe and popular option that is worth knowing. In a nutshell, electric fireplace inserts are designed to make them look like fake logs. You need to plug them into a power outlet, and they will radiate heat to warm up your living room to make it comfortable during the chilling months of winter. With these inserts, you’ll enjoy the ease of operation, high efficiency, and you won’t need to do daily maintenance or clean up after using them. You must, however, note that they consume power, and as a result, you might be forced to spend a lot on energy bills.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts are also another option that many people use due to their ease of operation and convenience. Unlike other options, they don’t need any loading or clean-up after use. There is, however, another side of these inserts that you should know. Poor ventilation or venting might result in the release of harmful gases. They might not also produce as much heat as you need. It is also good to note that this option might not be the best if you are looking to save money.

Our pick remains to be wood fireplace inserts for all the amazing reasons you’ve already noted from these three options. First, it saves you a lot when it comes to utility bills. Secondly, they are effective, and you can use them as the primary heating source for your home. Finally, it offers you the traditional experience of using wood, and there is nothing greater than enjoying the warmth in your living room while watching the fire in your hearth. For this reason, it is the best option among the three discussed.

Q2: Will You Use Your Current Fireplace As It Is Or Is There a Need To Modify It?

While most fireplaces insert sold these days are designed to fit fireplaces, not all of them can really fit your fireplace. In some instances, you might have to do some modifications so that the insert you buy can work with your fireplace. To that end, it is good to know the measurements of your fireplace, so you go for an insert that matches the size. If you get something that doesn’t fit by mistake, the insert may not only fail to be effective but it may not also be properly installed.

Apart from checking the inset’s size to make sure that it fits the fireplace, there are other things you also need to consider, so you don’t have to make any modifications. One of them is the insert’s finish. There is a wide range of finishes, and you, accordingly, need to make sure that the option you go for will match your living room’s décor. In a nutshell, the insert you buy should match your home’s interior design and, most importantly, fit into the fireplace, so you don’t incur extra costs of doing any modifications.

Q3: What Product Features Are You Interested In?

Like other products, fireplace inserts have many features that one should consider when making their purchase decision. These features differ from one fireplace insert to another, depending on the manufacturer. If you can master these features, you will undoubtedly get the best product to warm your home and last for many years effectively. To make your selection process simple, here are the two most important features you should check if you want to get the best wood burning fireplace insert for your home:

  • Get a fireplace insert with a circulation system that helps spread the heat it generates to the entire room. While it might be challenging to find wood-burning fireplace inserts, there are some with this feature; take the time to find one.
  • Get a fireplace insert that allows you to adjust the flame size depending on your heating needs. For wood-burning fireplace inserts, the amount of wood you put determines the amount of heat produced. You can thus control flame size.

There could be other features worth noting before making up your mind to purchase a particular wood-burning fireplace insert. Remember that you can only get a perfect option to meet your heating needs if you choose wisely. For this reason, do not be too quick to pick anything branded as the best wood-burning fireplace insert. Take the time to do your homework well, and make comparisons. With that, you will, without any doubt and hassle, find the right one that will always keep your home warm and comfortable.

Q4: What Kind of Venting Does Your Fireplace Have?

Many homes have fireplaces installed along an exterior wall with the chimneys placed in most cases place at the height of the building. There are, however, other homes that have fireplaces installed centrally. While the place they are installed is not really a big deal, they have a role to play in the insert you will purchase. If yours is along the exterior wall, then a wood-burning fireplace insert will work well for you. However, you must ensure that venting can let out the smoke produced well, so you don’t have your house filled with soot. In addition, you need to ensure that ventilation is okay.

For other types of fireplace inserts, such as the electric type, you won’t need to have any venting since it is a clean option that doesn’t produce any smoke. But for the other types, a working venting is a must lest you end up making your place uncomfortable. It is also good to understand that venting is not something that you can do alone. You’ll need a specialist to make an assessment of your fireplace and to determine if any modifications are needed before you purchase a wood-burning fireplace insert. So consult widely before making any move, and you will definitely get the right instructions on what you ought to do regarding venting.

Q5: How Much Are You Willing To Spend To Acquire a Fireplace Insert?

Affordability is also another factor that must be factored in when choosing a fireplace insert. Just as there are so many models out there, prices do vary a lot for these products. Some have many features and are high-quality; hence they cost more. On the other hand, some sell for a little bit lower prices depending on their features and type. While it is important to consider your budget, your guiding principles when looking for a fireplace insert should be your want features. In fact, these features dictate the price you’ll have to pay to acquire your insert.

The best wood-burning fireplace inserts are energy saving, easy to install, distribute heat to the entire room, and allow you to determine the amount of heat you need. With such an insert, your home will always feel warm, even during the coldest seasons. You should, however, note that since these are great features, fireplace inserts that have these qualities will likely cost a little more than the others. So when you start the process, be ready and willing to spend and get something that will meet your home’s heating needs.

Take-Home Point

As a wrap-up, the process of getting a new fireplace insert for your home is never an easy journey because there are lots of types out there. It is also important to keep in mind that while they all do the same job, they differ in features, efficiency, prices, durability, and many other areas. It is thus imperative to do your homework well, so you narrow down the options to one that will do a good job. Fortunately, this article has explored all the information you need regarding wood-burning fireplace inserts. Use it, and you’ll no doubt get the best.

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