How to fix a toilet handle that has no chain

 Your toilet should be maintained and be taken care of from time to time to make sure they are working efficiently. Modern toilet units come along with a flushing unit that is connected to your outer drainage, down to the sewerage. Some toilets have a chain attached to their flushing system while others have a … Read more

How to tell the age of wicker furniture

Wicker furniture is made from weaving using raffia, willow, rattan, cane, bamboo, and other sources of fiber material. Using wicker furniture became a trend in the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe whereby the wicker was used when making baby bassinets and cribs as well. Earlier before, people typically used natural fibers and wickers only … Read more

Eucalyptus furniture pros and cons

The eucalyptus tree has proven to come top list when choosing from the wide range of outdoor furniture trees. This genus grows in up to 500+ different species. The eucalyptus tree is famous for its rot and decay-resistant nature since it has the capability to resist pests and moisture. The presence of eucalyptus oil in … Read more

How to remove pledge from wood table

A wood table is the furniture type with flat tops of different sizes, with two or more legs under the flat top. The wood table is often used for different activities in different places that include a dressing table, computer table, dining table plus many others. The wood table becomes easily stained or damaged, hence … Read more

How to fix a crank window that won’t close

Crank windows also known as casement windows are among the lovely features that can be added to modernize your place. When the crank windows become old, they tend to wear out and could cause some major problems if not dealt with. One of the problems you can experience is that the crank window won’t close. … Read more

What kind of paint to use on pallets

The kind of paint you will use on your pallets really depends on a number of factors. Such factors are those that affect the appearance of the pallets after some and durability as well. You should consider whether you are going to use the pallets indoors or outdoors, how much it can stay in good … Read more

How to stain vinyl flooring

In most cases, staining a vinyl floor is the best alternative to replacing it entirely. If you want a new look for your floor yet want to avoid the cumbersome process involved in replacing it entirely, you can go for the staining option. Before staining a vinyl floor, you are supposed to prepare the floor … Read more

How to attach pallet wood together

Pallet wood has become common furniture equipment in our homes today. Wooden pallets can be used to manufacture different furniture types such as chairs, beds, and sofas.  Some of us tend to make walls by use of pallet wood. To manufacture this furniture, you should know how to attach wood pallets. It is effortless. To … Read more

How to fix a cracked mirror closet door

As we look at how to fix a cracked mirror closet door, we’ll also help you understand the installation process as well. Depending on the size of damage done to your closet mirror, you’ll choose whether to fix it or purchase a new one afterward. If you’re replacing it, you’ll start with extracting the mirror … Read more

What kind of paint to use on porcelain?

You can create pictures, patterns, and paintings on porcelain tiles, glass, or other ceramic materials with porcelain painting. Some painters draw from taken images and pictures, while others brainstorm and come up with pictorial ideas. You can draw flowers, color patterns, people, and even animals on porcelain as long as you understand the process. First, … Read more