How to fix a crank window that won’t close

Crank windows also known as casement windows are among the lovely features that can be added to modernize your place. When the crank windows become old, they tend to wear out and could cause some major problems if not dealt with. One of the problems you can experience is that the crank window won’t close. How to fix a crank window that won’t close is quite easy. All you have to do is remove the part of the window that won’t close and examine it for any problems. In case you don’t find any problems and the hinges on the window are straight, you should plane the edge of the affected window to allow it to close when you place it back.

Quick Guide of how to fix a crank window that won’t close

Remove the window and find the problem cause

Whenever the crank window refuses to close or open, most of us think that there must be a problem with the crank mechanism. This is not always the issue. The operator on the crack window does not usually spoil on its own. In case the sash is stuck or bound, you should not crank the window too hard in an attempt to close it. Most of us tend to do this, as we do not know how to fix a crank window that won’t close. This can cause major problems as the operator gear can strip out and in order to fix this problem, you will have to replace the window with a new one.

There are many causes as to why a crank window won’t close. Some of them may include loose screws or hinges on the window or stripped gears might be the cause. You first have to find the problem causing the window to not close before trying to fix it. The window parts in the market are not that expensive so fixing the window won’t be that hard. As with many of the various home repair works, you can spend a lot of time searching for the right parts as opposed to the time you will take to fix the affected window. Some of the problems that might have caused the window not to close are discussed down below.

Loose screws

  We are going to discuss how to fix a crank window that won’t close due to loose screws holding the window. Stripped or loose screws holding the window could cause the sash to bind or sag onto the window frame hence causing the window not to close. It is very easy to fix stripped or loose screws. If your window system uses interior hinges, you should widely open the sash so as to expose the loose screws and tighten them. If the screw holes have been stripped, you will have to remove the whole window so as to be able to fix them.  

To remove the window, disconnect the hinge arm and the operator arm locks, while firmly holding the window. Slide the hinge sleds to a point where you are able to release it and remove the window from the frame. Tilt the window sideways so as to get it out. The next step is to remove the hinges from the sash and make the holes a little bigger by refilling them by use of epoxy filler and toothpicks. You can do this by dipping each toothpick in the epoxy filler and put them inside of the holes. Ensure that you cut off the extended parts after the filler sets in. Finally, reinstall back the screws together with the window and check if the problem is solved.


Check the sash hinges

 How to fix a crank window that won’t close, in case there is a problem at the hinges is not something hard. First, you have to ensure the hinges are cleaned and lubricated. This can be done by saturating the hinges with Teflon spray or silicon and working the lube by closing and opening the window a couple of times. You should be in a good position to examine how the hinges move. In case there is a slop, replace the hinges. Exterior hinges are prone to binding and corrosion as they are exposed to the outside. It is mandatory that you lubricate them, however if binding occurs again then you will just have to replace the mounted hinges.

The next step is to remove the paint and the old screws. In order to remove the paint, place the screwdriver at 45° and directly hammer it so as to remove the paint. Remove the hinges replacing them with new ones. After replacing the hinges on the window with brand new ones and the sash still does not close, then the frame needs to be resquared. Resquaring and resizing the window frame is not an easy job and if you are not sure what you are doing, you should contact a professional. Alternatively, you can solve the problem by relocating and replacing the hinges.

Check the operator

 Learning how the window operator works is a step closer to knowing how to fix a crack window that won’t close. If the window is now functioning well and can open and close with ease, it’s time to turn your attention to the operator. Remove the cover trim. You should be able to loosen the setscrew so as to be in a good position to remove the cover and the handle. Reinstall back the casement handle and while in position rotate it so as to check the gear condition. Look out for signs that show there is a problem with the operator. These signs include missing, rough or chipped teeth and gray dust.

In case the operator doesn’t have any problem and is good to go, tighten up the screws, and do not forget to grease all the gears present in the operator and reassemble the trim. This is a crucial step in making sure that the operator keeps functioning well in the future. At this point, your window system is all set and ready to function once more.


Before you know how to fix a crank window that won’t close, there are some of the tools that you require such as nails, screwdriver, extension cord plus many others. Ensure that you double-check all of the window parts so as to make sure you do not encounter such problems in the future. Lubricating the window parts is an important step and should be done regularly. You can also venture in using old window parts that you can use in replacing your current window system that has encountered a problem. All you need to be aware of is that the old parts should be of the same dimension and should function in a similar way as the previous part.

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