Cost of building a bathroom in your basement

A bathroom is one of the necessities if you can improve your basement to a livable facility. How much this shall cost depends on several variables. It shall all come down to two broad determinants: the labour needed to fix your bathroom and the materials. For DIY guys, the labour costs are neutralized; therefore, you shall be required to only cater to material costs. You can easily estimate the cost of building a bathroom in your basement with the below guide.

Installing a basement bathroom Vs using professional installation service

If you choose to fix the bathroom yourself, you get the chance to tailor your bathroom to your expectations. Other than that, you shall not have to spend on the installation costs. Therefore, you shall consider the rest of the costs below other than plumbing labour costs. Installing a basement bathroom needs plumbing, among many other skills. If you’re already skilled, then it is worth it installing it by yourself. However, if you’re not skilled, it’s of great importance that you get it professionally installed for you to avoid later unnecessary costs or even accidents.

For those who, for some reason, prefer going for a professional service, the advantages are equally numerous. You shall get your basement bathroom installed in time and correctly as you need. Professional installation shall include prior examination and adjustment of your basement to fit the bathroom. For such an installation, add up the labour and material costs. Let’s see the cost estimation below.

Cost of material for building a basement bathroom

Whether you’re doing it yourself or going to hire a professional, you have to buy materials. Depending on the design and quality of the bathroom you need, materials for your specific project shall differ in cost. Here is a breakdown of how much you shall have to spend on the materials.

Plumbing material cost.  

You shall need the below materials for complete plumbing. The costs might vary depending on your area. Check with your local supplier or contractor for the actual prices to get your accurate custom budget. Plumbing material shall cost you $350-$740.

If you already have a drainage system located near your bathroom installation area, you shall spend less on plumbing material. Also, if your basement has a concrete slab foundation, it shall cost more since the plumber needs to bore through such a slab. 

You shall need bathroom water shut-offs, fan, lights, supply lines, PVC primer & cement, PVC for ejector and drain, sewage ejector(motor, pit, and valves) bathroom vent. Having professional access to your space shall enable them to come up with an accurate cost for your basement bathroom. If you have an existing bathroom, you can keep your already installed plumbing to avoid playing costs.

Cost of your bathroom fixtures     

Bathroom fixtures cost a lot. Depending on the qualities and fixtures you choose, the price might shoot too how or remain constant. If you need to spend the least possible amount, choose the most basic fixtures to get your bathroom running. However, if you need high-end fixtures, then expect to spend more. Expect to spend a total of $1,200-$1,700 on your bathroom fixtures. Here is a list and cost estimation for most of the fixtures you shall choose from. 

  • A toilet shall cost between $110 – $150
  • Bathroom sink faucet $30-$70.  
  • Vanity sink base and top $500-$800.  
  • Shower surrounds $350-$470.  
  • Shower faucet $100-$150.  
  • A bathroom pedestal seat $195-$300.  

Cost of basement bathroom accessories. 

Bathroom accessories include the paper holder, towel bars, light fixtures, and mirrors. You can choose to purchase your accessories as one package or separately. You shall spend $100-$200 on bathroom accessories, depending on what you choose.

Cost of building a bathroom floor in your basement.  

Bathroom floors are made out of different materials, including ceramic, vinyl, or synthetics. The cost shall vary depending on the material you choose. Most homeowners prefer ceramic flooring; however, the other options also perform well. Except to spend on the installation costs also. The floor area that your bathroom shall cover shall also determine how much you’re going to spend. Here is the average cost for each option.

  • Ceramic tiles, adhesive, and grout shall cost $150-$230. 
  • Vinyl shall cost $200-$250.  
  • Synthetics shall cost $2-$3 per square foot.     

What shall be the labour costs for installing your bathroom basement? 

The plumbing labour cost.  

Depending on whether you already have a drainage system in place or not, the price your plumber shall ask for shall differ. Plumbing is all about fixing the drainage systems and water lines from the source. Getting this done shall cost an average of $50-$70, depending on the complexity and amount of work. Getting the resultant waste out of your basement needs pumping. If you already have an ejector pump, you do not need this. Installing one shall require 5-7 more hours.

Get a quote from multiple plumbers to get the best value. These are some of the constraints that make getting a home repair service do this for you better. All the costs shall be summed up in a single package to give you peace of mind as your basement bathroom is built. 

Other basement bathroom installation costs.   

Other than basic bathroom accessories, additional features enhance the looks and functioning of your basement bathroom. For instance, you might want to tile your bathroom wall or add a jet tub. 

A final word.   

Choose what you need your bathroom to look like. After this, let a professional home repair service access your basement and recommend the type and amount of material you need. Together with the installation costs, you shall have a custom quote that the whole installation shall cost. If you’re doing it yourself, estimate the number of materials you need to get the total cost. We strongly recommend having this installation prepared and done by an experienced professional. The above guidelines shall help you calculate the average custom cost of building a bathroom in your basement.

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