What is the cost of installing a chimney liner?  

Cost of installing a chimney liner in America

Every chimney needs a chimney liner. It does not matter if you are using a wood-burning stove or a gas stove, but protecting the masonry and wood joints of the chimney from heat is key in ensuring your house is safe from fires. One big question crosses your mind any time you think of installing anything in your house. The cost. Now, what is the cost of installing a chimney liner? Answers to this question are very many and revolve around a wide scope of considerations that are very important and should not be left out whenever you think of chimney liner installation. If you use a gas stove, the importance of lining your chimney is majorly to avoid corrosion of your chimney flue leaves alone prevention of fires. Knowing it is important, we need to see how much we should spend on the installation and what factors affect the cost of chimney lining.

Stainless steel chimney liner cost

Stainless steel chimney liners have become so popular in chimney lining for modern designs and old designs too. Stainless steel chimney liners are one of the most effective options for chimney lining. A class-1 chimney liner like this is usually very efficient in getting out gas flue and smoke. Stainless steel chimney linings come in a wide variety and have a lot of variations. The main reason for choosing this type of chimney lining is that it covers a standard area and is always effective. To know if it is the perfect fit for your man’s old chimney or your modern chimney, you carry out the smoke test. One that fails the smoke test is usually not fit since there is leakage of smoke and fumes in the building. A 316 standard model is one of the most popular stainless steel chimney liners. Several costs are attached to installing and maintaining a stainless steel chimney liner.

First, we have to look into the cost of purchasing a new stainless steel chimney liner. As we have already seen, there is a wide variety of stainless steel chimney liners, and their costs vary so much. The only important thing we have to consider is which type of stainless steel chimney liner you have considered best for your chimney and how friendly it is to your budget. After purchasing one, you now need to install it or have it installed in your chimney.

Clay chimney liner installation cost

Clay liners are one of the permanent types of chimney lining options available.  Clay lining is quite expensive, especially in labour, since it needs you to open into the chimney wall and install them permanently. Regular checking is important, though, as soon as the installation is over since you need to find out if they are in good condition and are really in a position to serve the required purpose. The installation options are usually very different, and clay chimney installation has its own options that are an important consideration in the cost.

Oil furnace chimney liner cost

Many oil-burning appliances are a preference for many homeowners, which makes it necessary to have a chimney adapted to this kind of appliance. Oil furnace chimney liners have their own unique requirements, just like all the other types. A professional is often highly recommended to handle the job if it is to be handled to perfection. Depending on the size and shape of your chimney, you will need a liner good enough to suit your chimney. The cost, therefore, varies with the kind of chimney you have. Purchasing and installation are quite expensive for any chimney liner. Still, the relative cost matters most since it actually dictates how much you will spend on lining your chimney.

Chimney lining installation cost

Cost, in any aspect, is one very variable thing. Depending on your choice, the cost may increase or decrease accordingly. The stem of installation is finding out the specific requirements of your chimney. The number of standard stainless steel chimney lining sets is often variable, depending on the size and length of your chimney.

The first thing about the actual installation process is now the cost of labour. It is very dependant on how you have decided to carry out the chimney lining project. If you are dead set to carry out the project on your own as a DIY project, no doubt the process is going to cost you fairly less. However, if you do not have enough experience handling such projects, you will need to more of a pro to carry it out for you. Still, on the DIY option, you will need to hire an assistant and some specific machinery to help you handle the job with ease and within a short period of time. Basically, installation involves sweeping the chimney clean before lining it. This is where the machinery comes in. Sweeping is specifically tricky to carry out on a chimney, yet it is too important to miss out on it.

Sometimes it is good to hire a contact certified company to handle your chimney lining alongside other tasks such as inspection and repair. Installing a chimney liner is very variable since it largely depends on the type of chimney you have and the kind of chimney lining you actually need to install. Our discussion above has been largely based on installing a new chimney lining. Now let us see look at the cost involved in relining a chimney.

Chimney relining cost

You may have installed a chimney lining previously, and with time, it could have been worn out and no longer of importance to you as it should be. Such a situation calls for a change. The major change here is reinstalling the chimney lining. This means we have to remove the old chimney lining and replace it with a new and fully functional one. The reinstallation might come with many other repairs that add to the cost of installation. A pro would be necessary to more in this case since even detecting a problem with the chimney liner is not as easy. Looking at the cost of reinstalling your chimney liner starts at purchasing a new one. The other attached cost comes in when hiring a professional to handle the job and other issues that might arise as a result of the replacement.

Change is always as significant as it seems. In this scenario, change comes in when you need to consider to what extent the previous model has served you and if it is necessary to have a change. You may have, for instance, previously purchase a stainless steel chimney lining, and it might not have served you as long and as well as you wanted it to. Change in such a case may be necessary to improve the efficiency with which you expect it to serve you. One-time installation may not be as satisfactory as you expect, and there is an absolute need for change any time it is needed. Depending on the preferences you have on the chimney lining options available, you will need to spend far much variable and so unpredictable. Involving a pro will also go a long way in helping you estimate the costs as well.

Chimney sleeve cost

There are so many types of chimney sleeves. Depending on the features they avail, they can be expensive or cheap. We have stainless steel liners, clay liners, thermocrete liners based on the material and flexible/rigid liners on the line of functionality. All these factors are an essential consideration in deciding on the amount of money you should direct towards the chimney lining project. Most chimney sleeves are very expensive and need you to put in so much to have the exact and perfect fit for your chimney. Before you install a chimney liner, you should have found one suitable for your house at the advised cost. Your needs speak a lot when it comes to purchases, but still, the budget has tangible space in your decisions. Balancing out between the two is very difficult, but it is also too important.

Chimney liner installation cost, general considerations

The type of chimney liner is a great determinant of the average cost needs to install a chimney liner. A standard chimney may accommodate various chimney lining types—however, some types are not a fit for some chimneys. We have already talked about several chimney lining types above and their relative costs. There are, however, some factors that need to be considered with any chimney lining. Let us now look into them one by one and understand how they affect the cost of chimney liner installation.

The size of your chimney

Any time you go finding a chimney lining, it is usually vital to have known exactly the size of your chimney. In most cases, the width is not a problem, but the end-to-end length is most important since it determines if the liner will fit your chimney’s height. There are different sizes available in the market for you to choose from. The size of your chimney dictates how much you have to spend on the chimney lining since it directly affects the size of the liner you purchase. If you have a large chimney, you will need to go for a large chimney lining that is more expensive than any other smaller than itself.

Number of appliances

The number of appliances your chimney accommodates is important to consider whenever you need to do a chimney lining project since each one has to be linked to the flue and the liner. If you have many appliances to use, you will absolutely need to spend more money paying for the labour, and I’m any other involvements that guarantee chimney lining experience ease. More appliances, to some extent, may expose your house to the risk of fire, but the efficiency of a chimney liner scales down the danger. Finding the right type and size of chimney liner is costly, depending on the number of appliances you operate.

Condition of your chimney

The first thing that chimney liner installers often do before they begin lining your chimney is to assess the condition of your chimney. A damaged part of your chimney is a repair arising amidst the installation of the liner. You will, therefore, have to add on the expected amount for the installation to be effective. The question; what is the cost of installing a chimney liner is not answered effectively until we talk about the condition of the recipient end of our chimney liner, of course, taking into keen consideration the attached cost. If you have a very old chimney fill of suit, you will need to have it cleaned at a cost before you install anything on it.

The shape of your chimney

There are very many designs of roofing that are applied in construction projects. The type of food your house has affects the shape of the chimney too. As a result, there are very many shapes of chimneys available. For this, there is an accompanied variability in the types of chimney liners you have to purchase for your chimney. General observation reveals that straight chimneys actually demand less in terms of money than bent shapes. It is also advisable to co for a permanent cast in model of chimney liner to cover your chimney precisely well and even improve on your chimney structure if it is a little worn out.

Your roof

We have to talk about the roof in this section because whenever you want to access your chimney, you will have to climb up the roof. If your roof is too steep, you will have to pay more for the labour since a steep roof is harder to work on than a flat roof. To add to that, you have to find and put in place all the necessary precautionary measures. The gross cost of installing the chimney liner is increased or decreased with the kind of roof you have.

Cost of labour

As we already implied, you will need to find a pro to fix up the chimney liner. The professionals are paid according to the amount of time they spend on the work alongside many other factors that are there to consider. On labour, it is also important to note that apart from the skilled professional, you might need an assistant, especially if you opt for a DIY option. What we are trying to emphasize is that labour is an important consideration for chimney liner installation.

Other costs

Cost of inspection

Setting up or installing the chimney liner is not enough to satisfy you that it will serve you according to your level of expectation. There are bound to be many other eventualities that might disable the liner long or short after the installation. For this reason, you need to enjoy the services of an expert to be inspecting your chimney regularly. Many people opt to hire regular services from companies that deal with chimneys. The inspection is a really great help since it is the only way to detect a flaw in the chimney.


Q: What is the typical cost of installing a chimney liner

A: The kind of chimney liner you choose to install on your chimney is the greatest determinant of how much you will have to spend on the chimney lining project. Of course, there are other major factors that you will have to consider too, but the greatest of them all is the type and how you want it installed. Over the recent past, stainless steel chimney liners have been the most popular, and their installation is relative to other types and many factors that revolve around chimney liner installation.

Q: Why do I need a pro to install my chimney liner?

A: There are many things that a pro can help with apart from just setting up the chimney liner. In the course of the chimney liner, you may notice a big problem that will be a nightmare to solve on your own. A professional would put in place all the precautionary measures before, during and after the installation. A high level of efficiency is therefore granted when a professional is involved. The process is also easier than it would have been if you would have tried it yourself.

Q: How do I install a chimney liner?

A: A DIYer would want to know specifically how a chimney liner is installed. Now, it all depends on the type of chimney loner you would want to install. Others would be fed into the flue and secured by sealants, while others, such as clay liners, are stacked up and secured by cement permanently. Almost all these types will need you to hire an assistant if you plan to install them by yourself. Some would need some specific machinery to install. All these are costs that you need to consist of you are not planning to involve a company or professional.

Q: Why do you need a chimney liner?

A: If you won’t guarantee that your house is safe from fire outbreaks, a chimney liner is one significant thing you can never eat to miss. The basic function of a chimney liner is to prevent excessive heat from other parts of the building that may cause a fire to start and even spread, causing substantial harm. Apart from that, a chimney liner is important in getting out waste gas and smoke to keep your house environment as comfortable as it should be.

Final word

After going through many substantial observations and a compilation of factors that vary the cost of installing a chimney liner, we came up with the above-detailed discussion of the real cost of installing a chimney liner and all the factors that lead to its variation to help you answer the question. You realize there are so many factors that the cost of installing a chimney liner revolves around, and each one of them matters. You, therefore, get a glimpse of what each chimney liner installation process is like and the relative amount you need to avail at that moment. It is now easier to answer the question; what is the cost of installing a chimney liner?

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