Best Electric Wall Heaters

Having an electric wall heater helps you warm up your room during the cold winter months and saves your energy bills a lot. With it, you can largely save the cost you would incur using an entire central heating system to keep your home warm. However, getting the right heater these days is quite a … Read more

Climatic issues and landscaping solutions

As energy needs to spike, so is the exploration of energy sources. Natural gas exploration through hydrofracturing has impacted a lot in terms of water quality. Lighting up our parks should not be a problem for the environment. Since we need both energy and a good environment, better landscaping designs and approaches shall help us … Read more

Sustainable landscaping

Sustainable development is what the current era is chasing in most aspects. However,  most people assume that landscaping has nothing to do with sustainability. Some actually believe that landscaping is on its deathbed as we drive for a livable future. However, landscape architects deal with designs as open original systems that have cultural and natural … Read more

Basement remodeling cost estimation

The basement is one of the forgotten potential spaces for expansion. Now that you’ve discovered this and want to take a refurbishment step, it’s normal to have many questions about your project. To help you out, we came up with a precise and detailed cost estimation procedure. For professional or DIY home improvers, some factors … Read more

The architecture of the city

In Rossi’s book, ‘the architecture of the city,’ he brings out the idea of the architecture of a city that modern architecture doesn’t focus on. He puts a lot of emphasis on the history of a city concerning its architecture. A city is not to be changed wholly by modern architecture ideas; rather, its history … Read more

Theory insights to architectural designing

The theory of design is not to be undermined as an origin of architectural designs. In the 20th century, we witnessed several stunning designs that spring from theory. This article not shall not plainly share accepted design maxims and orthodoxies, and we go a step further to show how such maxims and orthodoxies shall influence … Read more

Multi-unit architectural design

Designing housing blocks in the post-modern world is one of the most exciting tasks for architects. This is due to the current challenges facing the world. There is a shortage of space and rampant pollution in all aspects. Vertical construction has been the most popular solution to most of these problems. However, multi-unit architectural design … Read more