Eucalyptus furniture pros and cons

The eucalyptus tree has proven to come top list when choosing from the wide range of outdoor furniture trees. This genus grows in up to 500+ different species. The eucalyptus tree is famous for its rot and decay-resistant nature since it has the capability to resist pests and moisture. The presence of eucalyptus oil in this tree gives it amazing durability which makes the tree a perfect option for outdoor furniture and woodwork. Moreover, many individuals tend to go for eucalyptus as an alternative for teak since it’s quite affordable. Eucalyptus holds some qualities similar to teak thus becoming an alternative if you’re looking for a ‘cheaper option’. In this text, we’re going to check out eucalyptus furniture’s pros and cons.

This reddish-brown hardwood species is suitable for furniture production due to its heavy and sustainable structure. This tree is however easy to saw, grind and even polish.  

Pros of Eucalyptus wood and furniture

1. Eucalyptus is rot and decay-resistant

 This hardwood tree is many carpenters’ favourite source of wood since it does not decay or rot easily. Eucalyptus contains a high level of oil content which naturally makes it decay-resistant. This oil helps keep the pests and moisture content from destroying the tree, thus making it the perfect alternative for outdoor furniture.  

 2. A 20-25 years lifespan  

Eucalyptus trees and furniture contain a high level of oil and moisture content which can keep it going even up to 25 years. However, leaving the furniture and eucalyptus timber sitting without maintenance can fasten its decay thus reducing its durability. We recommend you check out our eucalyptus treatment procedure at the bottom of this text to master this simple skill.  

 3. It holds a beautiful reddish-brown color  

Eucalyptus furniture comes in different tones of color varying from one species to another. Typically, the eucalyptus tree is known to produce reddish-brown furniture which is likely to darken over time. The combination of color and fine grain patterns can bring a satisfying finish to your living room furniture. Remember to keep oiling your eucalyptus furniture to lengthen its durability and keep it shining.


 4. Eucalyptus tree takes to bring the experience and benefits of teak

You can use your eucalyptus furniture outside or inside the house depending on your purpose with it. However, eucalyptus is best recommended for outdoor furniture because that’s where it drips all the shine. This furniture tree has the same qualities as the teak in terms of durability and resistance to insects and pests. Therefore, you can use it as an affordable alternative instead of going for teak which is more expensive.  

 5. The eucalyptus has a soft texture  

Amongst the many awesome qualities the eucalyptus tree holds, this furniture contains a soft texture regardless of having varying grains from species to species. When looking from a distance, you can notice the grain patterns which attain a smooth texture on the surface. Compared to other wooden and furniture materials, the eucalyptus is recommended for household items due to this feature.  

 6. The tree has a consistent wood grain

 The smooth and soft texture of eucalyptus furniture is brought about by the even and consistent wood grain the tree holds. Some furniture will have medium-sized wood pores while others might contain smaller pores, thus a finer texture. Most eucalyptus trees are known to have this fine and long-grain feature unless you acquire your trees from the wild woods. Trees from the woods might turn out to be a little abnormal due to thè difference in climate changes and the surrounding.  

 7. Eucalyptus wood and furniture is very sustainable

Eucalyptus growers and tree seedling farmers have researched and realized that the growth rate and speed of this tree highly depend on the climate, water, and soil components. Some eucalyptus species tend to grow faster and taller than others over an equal period of time. We have some specific eucalyptus timber species that can grow up to 25% faster and taller in a single year. These fast-growing species have played an important role in developing the furniture and woodwork industry.  

 The Cons of Eucalyptus furniture

1. The eucalyptus wood experiences expansion and contraction cycles

When using eucalyptus products and furniture outside your home, you’re likely to find out that your wood will expand and contract at certain times. The reason for this process is because the eucalyptus is prone to shrinking. These trees tend to expand and contract when exposed to steadily changing climates and temperature conditions. If this starts happening to your furniture, you’re advised to keep it inside until the temperature and humidity levels stabilize.  

 2. Low performance in extremely cold conditions

If you live in countries around the poles, I believe you understand why you have to take your furniture inside during winter. Freezing moist conditions apply a lot of pressure to eucalyptus wood making it crack over time. Although the snow won’t affect the eucalyptus’ surface directly, the low temperatures affect the tree’s structure. The natural oil will only keep the moisture away and prevent it from cracking. Repairing eucalyptus cracks can be one hell of a task. You’re advised to keep high maintenance levels to make sure you maintain the natural and beautiful structure of your eucalyptus furniture.


 3. Requires care to maintain colors

This is one of the most precious things about a eucalyptus tree. When studying the eucalyptus furniture pros and cons; you’ll realize that this is one reality that families don’t want to face at all.  

Many people love eucalyptus furniture because of the gorgeous reddish-brown color of the wood. You’ll have to make sure your furniture is well treated and taken care of to avoid discoloring in the long run. If you don’t seal and take care of eucalyptus furniture properly, you’ll probably lose the tree’s color. Enquire about the best sealants in the market to ensure your furniture and woodwork doesn’t lose the natural attractive color.  

How you can treat and care for your eucalyptus

Naturally, the eucalyptus tree is known to have a fascinating durability period. However, you’ll have to keep some maintenance measures on eucalyptus furniture to lengthen its lifespan. When looking at the eucalyptus furniture pros and cons, you’ll realize that durability is one of the key pros that we embrace and enjoy maximumly. Below are some treatment measures you can apply to your eucalyptus outdoor furniture to lengthen its durability:

• Regular scrubbing and cleaning 

You should wash and clean your furniture regularly to get rid of mold and dirt using a brush.

• Drying  

Upon scrubbing and cleaning your chair table or bench, take a towel, wipe it then leave it to dry. You should create a cleaning schedule and maintain the furniture.  

• Annual sealing 

Every homeowner is recommended to perform an annual sealing using polyurethane. You can also use Spar Varnish as your sealant.  


Frequently asked queries

1. How long does eucalyptus last?

Due to the presence of eucalyptus oil and moisture in this tree, its wood can manage 20 to 25 years or even more when taken care of properly. Therefore, you’re advised to keep maintaining your furniture to lengthen its durability. However, remember to keep this wood off freezing temperature conditions.  

 2. Does eucalyptus get wet?

Yes, eucalyptus wood and furniture can easily get wet. You shouldn’t worry about this because the oil prevents even excess moisture content from damaging the tree.  

 3. Is the eucalyptus tree hardwood?

Eucalyptus is a hardwood tree that has shown its capability to produce wood and furniture important in our houses and homes.  


The eucalyptus tree has become dominant in the furniture production industry. Using the eucalyptus furniture pros and cons outlined in this article, you can choose the best wood for your outdoor or household purposes. If you’re looking for furniture to be used at your poolside, you should consider this special wood since it’s decay-resistant. If you want to furnish your outdoor compound, we recommend the eucalyptus tree because it’s sustainable and durable. This tree is famous for its smooth structure brought by the fine and long grains it holds.

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