Basement remodeling cost estimation

The basement is one of the forgotten potential spaces for expansion. Now that you’ve discovered this and want to take a refurbishment step, it’s normal to have many questions about your project. To help you out, we came up with a precise and detailed cost estimation procedure. For professional or DIY home improvers, some factors remain constant in determining the cost. Depending on the design and size of the basement you need to create, you shall have to spend as low as $5000 to as high as $40,000+. Let’s help you estimate your customized cost.

The average cost of basement finishing.   

Basement finishing includes making the floor, ceiling, framing, painting and electrical wiring. Basement finishing is simple compared to basement remodelling. It involves making an already existing basement space better to accommodate human life. Usually, the basement is bare with a rough concrete floor and walls. The pipes and electrical piping are uncovered.

It shall cost you from $7-$8 per square foot. Multiply this figure by the total square feet your basement is to get an average total cost. The ceiling costs up to $4, framing $1.5, the floor $2 and the drywall $2. Generally, a basement shall cost as low as $6,000 to as high as $19,000 or more if you have more feet to cover.

The average cost of remodelling.  

If you’re planning to remodel your basement, you better do it before finishing. It shall save you a lot of capital. Remodelling means that you want to restructure your basement. Maybe you need a home office with a partition for your children’s playing space, or you need to make a counter. Such remodelling includes intensive process, including demolishing; therefore, you shall not have part of your finishing labour and materials go to waste if you do it before finishing.

Remodelling a basement needs more capital and labour compared to finishing. You shall have to upgrade your drainage systems, make the flooring; if you’re planning to add partitions, it shall cost you even more. Except to spend 1k-3k dollars to prepare the site, 1k-4k dollars upgrading and expanding electrical, HVAC and other systems. If you go for a simple floor, you shall spend up to $4,000; however, if you are interested in having your floor upgraded to a luxurious standard, expect to spend 7k-10k more dollars.

Generally, remodelling a basement space average costs $20,000-$50,000. In case your house was designed with a partial basement, then you shall need to extend it. Except to spend an additional 10k-30k dollars extending it. Extending a partial basement is an involving task which explains its high cost.

Why remodel and finish your basement? 

Besides the extra space, a remodelled and finished basement increases the property’s resale value. Houses with such a basement shall cost higher and be preferred due to their spacious nature. Therefore, alongside finding space to fit in, investors shall colour up the basement for additional value.

Discover the potential of your basement.

Basements are no longer those spare rooms full of plumbing pipes, tools and such stuff. With the increasing demand for housing for expanding families, the basement is turning into decent extra feet. You can have your home office placed there; it might turn out to be a perfect extra bedroom to hold your in-laws or even allow room for a large living room. The options are endless; you just found those extra feet you’ve been learning for!

What are the factors that shall determine the cost of remodelling and finishing a basement? 

To remodel or finish a basement, you should go for a contractor. You shall discuss the costs from labour, materials and much more. We equip you with the following considerations to enable you to come up with the right estimations.

The size of your basement.  

Whether you decide to remodel and finish your basement alone or hire a contractor, you shall still need additional specialized labour. You might maybe need a plumber or electrician to fix some areas. The size of your basement is actually the size of the place to be worked on. A small size shall call for fewer materials and labour, therefore reducing the cost. A basement with more square feet shall, on the other hand, need more labour and materials hence more cost. The DIY guys get to spend far much less than those who prefer to hire a contractor. Below is a breakdown.

For a basement less than 700 Square feet, a DIY remodelling and finish shall cost up to $6,000. If you choose to go for a professional for the same, it shall cost up to $15,0000. For 700-1000 feet, a DIY guy expects to part with up to $8000 while a contractor shall cost $18,000. Basements above 1000 feet shall cost $15,000 for DIY and as high as $35,000 when using a professional service.

Depending on the level of sophistication of your finishing, you might have to spend more. Therefore, size is among the prime factors that should help estimate your budget. 

Adjustment of the existing systems.  

Most of your home comfort systems are found in the basement. When remodelling and finishing your basement, you shall have to accommodate them in the plan. There are those pipes for plumbing that drain your sinks, toilet and such to your drainage system. There are pumps, furnaces and storage tanks. 

Such systems need to be accommodated with your finishing. For instance, you can decide to give a uniform paint to the pipes and ceiling to hide the pipes. You can build a closet around the pumps and water heater. This means more costs that should be included in your budget. Basements act as the utility room for most homes. It is professionally agreed that such rooms should be easy to access and the systems kept away from you. That is why we advise that you consider consulting a professional or your local authorities about the legality and safety of your planned remodelling and finishing.

The utilities shall need future repairs or adjustments, which should be taken care of to prevent future hindrance or disturbance to your finishing.

The framing.  

Framing involves the construction of a wood floor, wood frames and such. The wood you use for this purpose will cost you up to $1.5 per square foot. If you only plan on installing frames and partitions, then you’re going to spend even less than $1 per square foot. However, if you’re planning to upgrade to a classy wooden floor, then expect to spend more, up to $2 per square foot.

The ceiling.  

Construction of a ceiling for your basement isn’t that easy, especially when you consider the protruding drainage pipes. However, you can easily do it with a little creativity. The obstacles on the ceiling shall make your ceiling need more materials to cover up or spray to paint. You can do the following to make a descent ceiling without disturbing the protruding piping. 

You can opt to spray your ceiling. To make electric and drainage pipes appealing, you can decide to spray them the same colour as your roof. You can hire a spraying gin for the DIY guy for a day, which might cost up to $100. Alternatively, a professional painter shall have the task done using his sprayer for $300-$500.

Another option is to drop the ceiling. It shall cost you $2-$6 per square foot to drop ceil your basement; materials such as acrylic panels sync with the pipes creating a beautiful ceiling pattern.  

If your piping is above the joint, you have the option to use the drywall. Each panel costs $15. Other options include sheet panelling and tongue and groove designs.

The floor.  

No remodelling or finishing is complete without the floor. Depending on the type of floor you need, you shall spend more or less on the floor. When you need just a basic floor, you can go for a vinyl floor. They are the cheapest costing $3000-500 dollars depending on variables such as the size of your basement floor.

Carpeting is an average floor type that shall cost you up to $1,500. Tile floors are soft and beautiful. However, you shall need a carpet due to its cold nature.

The basement is usually cold. Installing a wooden floor is the best option if you plan to spend more time in your basement. A wooden floor is amazing, but of great importance is the warmth it maintains. It shall cost you up to $5000 or less, depending on the design and size of your floor.

A bathroom for your basement.     

A bathroom shall be a must-have in your basement. If you’re planning to have extra bedrooms or a place for your staying visitors, installing a fully equipped bathroom is necessary. On the other hand, if you’re planning to make that extra retreat area for you and your family, a simple sink and stool shall be enough. A bathroom with a tub and shower shall fit in; however, if you have little space but still need a bathroom, consider a stand-up shower to save on the pace.

Installing a bathroom in your basement costs $5k-$15k. It would be best to go for a professional installation service; however, the DIY guy gets a cheaper solution. DIY installation can cost $5k-$7k, while professional installation shall cost $5k-$15k. Consider the following when installing a bathroom in your basement.

Check and prepare for plumbing. 

Ensure you confirm with your local authorities of any zoning laws. You should install your bathroom near your main drainage systems for an easy and less costly installation. Since we are going to drain waste, the pipes have to be sloping; if for some reason your pipes can’t work with gravity, you shall need a pump. A pump costs between $150-$3k, depending on the type and capacity.

Consider the materials.  

A bathroom needs a lot in terms of materials—the piping, tub, floor, electricity, sync, floor and more. Materials vary in design and function; high-end materials such as heated ceramic tiles might for extra investment.

Other partitions and features to consider.   

The cost of finishing a basement greatly depends on the finishing and the purpose. High-end basement remodelling and finishing require a lot. Some of the extra facilities you might need include.

A home office or workshop.  

If you plan to turn your basement into a work or office space, you need a power connection. Depending on your needs, you need the temperature-controlled and your utilities set. Therefore, include the cost of installing your tools. You might install some computer(s) and office furniture or tools for your workshop. All these are additional costs that you should put into account. 

A playroom in your basement can be a safe space for your kids to play in. Remember, you shall have to invest in some kid-friendly utilities. The floor has to be soft to prevent injury. Leave an open area for playing and design storage facilities for the toys. Endure you add such costs.

A basement suite in your basement is great to hold your staying adult visitors or maybe your adult child. Include rooms that shall enable such an adult(s) to stay comfortable. Include a living room, bedroom(s) and bathroom. A suit is the most costly since you shall be stuffing a mini-home in your basement. Ensure you include the total cost of suit utilities.

Consider the foundation.  

The foundation holds your house. It is therefore important to endure that it is steady before you begin any finishing process. Inspect your foundation for any weak point indicators such as cracks. It is even better if you get a professional inspector to do it. After you’ve finished your basement, you shall not be able to inspect your foundation. In case of minor cracks, they can be easily filled out; however, for larger cracks, let a professional help you deal with them. If you experience a dump basement, use a dehumidifier to avoid rusting and mould development.   

The pillars in your foundation hold your whole house; they should not be altered in any way. Instead, accommodate this in your basement finishing design. If you have to move pillars, then consult a professional.

Foundations might have developed issues over time. Some foundations sag over time. In case the beams of your foundation are sagging, they can be easily lifted. However, it is a labour and time-intensive process. When budgeting for your basement finishing, raising your sagging foundation shall cost up to $10,000.

Is your basement leaking?   

A leaking basement is very detrimental to your structure. Leaking water encourages the growth of mould that shall cause infections and labour pests. Leaks can be repaired by emptying the tanks and sealing the leaks. Do not assume any leak, no matter how small it might look; they develop with time to cause serious problems to your structure.

Depending on the extent of your leaks, waterproofing your basement shall cost from $300+ for minor leaks to $7,000 for major leaks. To get the best price, ensure you request quotes from multiple service providers, choose the most detailed but affordable. 

How to keep pests away from your basement. 

Due to its location, your basement can be prone to pests from the surrounding. To control them, you have to keep them away during finishing. A good approach is covering all the openings that might labour such pests. Use expandable foam or caulk to seal small entry points such as mudsills. Block your basement drains to prevent the entry of pests when not engaged. You can use a tennis ball that shall securely cover the opening while floating if there is water to drain.

If your basement is too cold, you can consider insulating it. Foam insulation works well for this purpose. Ensure that you install your insulation material on drywall. Most basement walls are either dump or wet; installing drywall enables you to achieve a dry surface for insulation.



Any construction needs a permit from the authorities. A basement finishing permit shall cost about $50, depending on your state. Permits ensure that your finishing shall be done well to avoid injury or issues in future. Failing to obtain such a permit results in a fine; if you’ve already done the finishing without a permit, you might lose your capital to the demolition of such a finish.


You shall never regret finishing your basement. That extra space shall make accommodation for a retreat space, a gym, a kids playing area, a suite for your visitors and much more. Finished basements look wonderful, especially with quality furnish. Your home gets up to 70% value addition when you finish the basement. If you’re interested in real estate, people prefer such houses with finished basements; you already know the increasing demand for additional space. Begin today and convert your basement into whatever you with; the options are unlimited!

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