How to tell the age of wicker furniture

Wicker furniture is made from weaving using raffia, willow, rattan, cane, bamboo, and other sources of fiber material. Using wicker furniture became a trend in the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe whereby the wicker was used when making baby bassinets and cribs as well. Earlier before, people typically used natural fibers and wickers only when making wicker furniture. Things have changed in the modern world since nowadays, people also use synthetic fibers in the production of wicker furniture. When buying a basket, furniture, or any wicker material at your local seller, you should first consider the age of the wicker.

 When properly taken care of, wicker furniture can last for up to 25 years. Starting on how to tell the age of wicker furniture; you’ll have to take a closer look at the furniture. Make sure you inspect the edges and corners of the product. Secondly, you’ll have to check out the type of material used and the pattern or style of the furniture. For example, if you realize an animal-based original, you’ll know that the piece probably originates from the 15th and 16th centuries.  

Natural wicker

  • Natural Wicker is at  risk of being damaged by pests
  • This type of furniture brittles and dries up with time hence making it crack and disentangle after weaving.
  • This furniture can fade upon being left outside for long or even suck in some water when it rains thus damaging the fiber.  
  • Natural wicker fiber is considered the best option for indoor furniture

 Synthetic wicker  

  • It doesn’t scratch, chip, or breaks easily.
  • Its stain resistance quality makes it easy to clean
  • Synthetic wicker is indoctrinated with UltraViolet inhibitors which protect it in sunlight to prevent fading.  
  • High-Density Poly Ethylene is a recyclable raw material.


Determining the age of a Wicker furniture

This is a key factor all individuals should consider when purchasing wicker furniture. Even though a bigger proportion of wicker furniture lovers are obsessed with it for its durability; a good number love the patterns and styles used by the manufacturers. Therefore, take your time when making this investment to ensure you acquire the best if not the best of all. Follow the steps below to determine the age of Wicker furniture:

Choosing the Seller

When buying wicker, one should do it from a specific trusted seller to ensure they purchase a legitimate product. You should therefore perform small research in your local market or shop to know what pieces they’re selling as well as the price on it.  

Inspecting the wicker furniture

Since this product is famous for its durability, some sellers might tend to manipulate buyers by selling them broken, worn-out, or very old products. Make sure you carefully inspect the bottom corners and edges of the wicker to check in for any irregularities.

 Observe the pattern and style trends

Wicker furniture production is an ancient activity that has kept on changing and evolving from day to day. Some wicker furniture products are popularly known for their everlasting lifespan e.g. the Chinese peacock-shaped wicker chair. This 15th-century artifact has managed to squeeze its way through into the future and it exists up-to-date. You can use the shift in trend styles and patterns of wicker furniture to determine when the piece was constructed.


Check out the material used

In terms of preference, different people might purchase different wicker furniture depending on the type of material used. As we delve into how to tell the age of wicker furniture, you should know that the type of material is a major factor. Looking at old wicker furniture, you’re going to notice that they are all handmade. If it’s old-school wicker furniture, you’ll probably see a combination of knobs, carvings, and even spindles.  

Having a closer look at the furniture

In case you perform the research and still face a difficult time trying to guess the possible age, you’ll have to come closer, touch it and even try the furniture out to test its efficiency. Touch and closely inspect the material to know if the willows are still strong or have fallen off grace already. You can also check the weight, comfort grade, and company labels on your wicker furniture to see the production year. Don’t forget to examine the furniture to see if it’s infested and damaged by insects.  

 Ancient Civilizations Wicker furniture age

Wicker has played a very important role in our society in making our daily lives easier. Wicker and other fabric materials have been used in transportation, clothing, shelter, flooring, furniture, and even in the production of utensils. The production of wicker furniture and material began due to the shortfall of rattan material in 1856 (Victorian era) which was a result of civil unrest. Manufacturers decided to try other weaving materials to maintain the production of wicker products thus keeping up with the demand levels then.  


This led to the invention of other fabric materials like reed which proved to be more flexible than rattan. The introduction of new weaving material to the market resulted in the introduction of new products to the furniture market. Some famous wicker designs from that era include curved spirals, spiderweb cane weavers, as well as seatbacks.  

European Wicker furniture  

The Roman empire adapted weaving as an economic activity in furniture production after discovering that the Egyptian wicker could do wonders.  Looking back at the 17th century, the popular ‘wicker technique’ was used in baby furniture production i.e. construction of bassinets and baby cribs. Many people considered buying wicker cribs for their kids due to their comfortable and breathable features. This was a cheaper option than the sold metallic and wood chairs which were seemingly less comfortable. The wicker furniture was also easier to clean and decorative due to the attention to detail during their production of every piece. Before we conclude on how to tell the age of wicker furniture, we’re going to go through various frequently asked questions about wicker furniture.  

 Frequently asked queries

How to determine vintage wicker furniture

Hereby, you’ll have to check the material type used to make the wicker furniture first. Vintage wicker furniture is known to be handmade and they might have knobs, spindles, or carvings on their structures. Most vintage wicker furniture is manufactured from mahogany as well as a walnut wood material.  

 Why rattan material is expensive

Since quality and cost seemingly correspond, we all know that going for higher quality obviously means higher pay or fortune. This all-weather weaving material is popular for having a long-lasting lifespan. Rattan is henceforth considered more durable than most weaving products and that’s why it’s relatively expensive.  

 Is Synthetic wicker better than Natural wicker?

After using natural wicker material for a number of centuries, the weaving and furniture market has rapidly evolved. Synthetic fiber has been introduced to the market and it has proved to be fit for the task. This material can attain a similar experience to natural wicker. It has even become the recommended weaving and furniture production material due to its amazing durability especially when it comes to outdoor furniture.  

 Final word

There’s a very wide range of wicker furniture manufacturers one can choose from in the modern world. The wicker weaving and manufacturing trends are known to change after a few years. One can purchase modern wicker products or vintage materials if you’re into classic furniture and products. With the evergreen wicker furniture information stated in this article, I believe you’ve eventually mastered how to tell the age of wicker furniture. You can now visit the local wicker furniture production shop to purchase vintage or modern wicker materials for your home space or outdoor purposes.   

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