What kind of paint to use on pallets

The kind of paint you will use on your pallets really depends on a number of factors. Such factors are those that affect the appearance of the pallets after some and durability as well. You should consider whether you are going to use the pallets indoors or outdoors, how much it can stay in good shape on the pallet and how easy it is to use the paint on the pallets among many other vital factors to consider. Latex, chalk paints, and oil-based paints are the most popularly used paints when it comes to painting pallets. All these factors will guide you on what kind of paint to use on pallets.

About pallet painting

Knowing something about pallet painting is very important especially when deciding on what kind of paint you want to use in painting them. Pallets are not like any other normal wood which can have the paint stick without having to do anything extra or applying anything else. The wood pallets are usually rough surfaces and they can’t get any smoother. So when trying to paint them, you will have to ensure the paint sticks either by applying more layers or maybe priming to increase the bond of the surface with the paint.

However, it might all depend on how you want the pallets to look in the end. For instance, if your desire is vintage-inspired, you would want to apply a thin layer so that it appears a little dull but with the impression of the desired color. A mixture of colors would do the pallet some justice especially when you want some bit of artistic touch. So which kind of paint you choose wi solely depends on the initial concept of the decor you desire to have in the end. Additionally, you might want to consider where you will place the final wood pallet product even after the painting. If it’s gonna placed outdoors maybe as some piece of furniture to complete the appearance of your backyard, you might want to do multiple layers of the paint or maybe use oil-based paint.

Best kind of paint for pallets being used indoors


 Pallets that are being used indoors are usually not exposed to the weather that much. The durability of the paint is therefore not a huge factor to consider when selecting it. However, for the pallets to be incorporated into the interior decor, they had to have a precisely clean and matching color. For the inside, the kind of paint does not really have a lot of weight but it is equally important.  We can say that whether the paint is oil-based or not, it can be used to paint a pallet that is being used indoors. However, generally speaking, wood pallets are not usually made from the best of wood. That makes it important to have a lot of good work done during the painting. If not, good quality paint should be used. Oil-based paint will stick well and last for a long time even without having to apply primer before painting. Chalk paints and latex paints are also very common with wood pallets so it doesn’t really matter where the pallets are being used. When you decide to use any other kind of paint that is not oil-based or not chalk or latex paint, be sure to have something bond the paint to the surface. That can be some priming or applying multiple layers.

The right kinds of paint to use on pallets for outdoor use

Pallets being used outdoors are prone to a lot of factors that can wear out the paint in no time. This is exactly why we should be careful to note where we will be using the pallets. Now, for pallets being used for outdoor purposes, there are two main kinds of paints that you should use if you want assurance of durability and a good finish at the same time. The color is not as important. The two kinds are oil-based paints and chalk or latex paints. The two are highly recommended because they have the highest ability to stick to surfaces. A surface such as the wood pallet surface is usually rough enough to demand the types of paint we have mentioned. Other paints can work too but they will still need so many layers of paint or priming to stick properly to the surface.

The best approach to take with the spraying if the pallets are gonna be exposed to the weather for a long time is spray painting. This will have the paint stick strongly to the surface and probably have a better look. Generally, the kind of paint you choose to use should have a great ability to stick to the surface and make it look better. Paint brushing is also nice but when it is done with a focus on the little details.

Common questions about the kind of paints suitable for pallets


  • Is sanding necessary before painting pallets?

 Sanding is usually done to ride the pallets of all the rough spots and make the surface very smooth. However, it’s not mandatory. Though there are different ways of smoothing the surfaces, sanding is the most common. The sanding should however be done very evenly to make the surface very smooth enough.  After sanding, give it a clean wash before painting the pallets with your preferred paint.

  • What’s the best kind of paint to use for wood pallets

This question has literally very many answers. However, simply understanding that the paint you select should be the one with the highest ability to stick to the surface would best answer the question. In this case, the best kind of paint can be either chalk paint or any oil-based paint since they usually have the highest ability to stick to the surfaces.  

  •  Is priming necessary in painting pallets?

Priming is usually the best way to prepare the surface for painting. When you go for a paint that is not oil-based, with priming you stand higher chances of having the paint stick strongly to the surface. It is however not so necessary when you want to give the pallet some artistic touch by letting the paint spread evenly across the surface.


The kind of paint to use on pallets is greatly dependent on how much it can stick. Basically, it should be chalk paint or oil-based paint. They are the best at sticking on surfaces, considering that wood pallets don’t have such a smooth surface, it is important to really make sure that what you select for them has the ability to stick strongly to the surface. The pallets can also be prepared before applying the paint to improve the quality of the outcome. Otherwise, depending on the condition of the pallet, any color of chalk paint or oil-based paint can be used to give it a whole clean surface. So deciding on What kind of paint to use on pallets is based on how much it can be able to stick on the surface.

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