How to fix a cracked mirror closet door

As we look at how to fix a cracked mirror closet door, we’ll also help you understand the installation process as well. Depending on the size of damage done to your closet mirror, you’ll choose whether to fix it or purchase a new one afterward. If you’re replacing it, you’ll start with extracting the mirror from the door. Using a chisel, putty knife, and diagonal pliers; remove the moldings and nails used to attach the mirror. Upon removal, scrap off the pane section then installs a new mirror to the frame. This text is a guideline committed to showing you how you can cover, fix or replace your closet door mirrors.

 Using few types of equipment and your bare hands, you can manage to perform the replacement in an hour’s time or less.  

 Equipment required for fixing your mirror

• Hammer

• Nail  

• Silicon caulk

• Putty crayon/molding

• Pliers (Diagonal)

• Putty knife

• A pin-nailer

• 1 inch nails

Before rushing to your closet door to begin the fixing process, please make sure you have all the above items in place.  

How to cover a cracked closet mirror

When the closet mirror cracks, many homeowners go through difficult times trying to decide on what to do next. Here are a couple of approaches one can take to disguise a broken or cracked closet door mirror:

1. Painting it

This works out whenever the crack on your mirror is a minor one. You can paint your mirror to cover a certain crack as long as it barely affects the general visibility. Using the appropriate brush, one should paint the crack systematically e.g. by painting a certain border pattern that will extend to the crack and cover it up.  

 2. Floral cover-up

Secondly, you can go for a vase of flowers if your closet mirror has corner cracks or cracks lying on either the top or bottom halves. This tip is suitable if your closet mirror repair should be done somewhere along the mirror edges.   

 3. Inserting a new glass/tile border  

Carefully inspect your mirror’s crack to  determine the shape and size of glass you need for the fix. Many mirror owners use this fixing technique when their mirrors break or crack along the edges. You can cut and stick the appropriate piece to the mirror to cover the missing piece.  

 Purchasing a new mirror

If your mirror cracks terribly, you might just decide to purchase a new one. Apart from looking at how to fix a cracked mirror closet door; we are also going to see how you can replace or install a new mirror in your closet. What should homeowners consider when getting a new mirror for their closets? One should keep in mind that the new mirror should be the same size as the old one. Typically, the glass mirror shouldn’t be tightly fixed to the door. There should be a little space left between the glass and wood to minimize cracking accidents. Therefore the incoming mirror should have a shorter length and width than the pane, but equal to the mirror being extracted.  

 Replacing your mirror closet door

Repairing mirrors is quite a rare activity since many mirror owners tend to look the other way and buy replacements. If your mirror gets a tiny crack, you can repair it or cover it up using the guidelines we stated earlier. However, if the crack affects the general structure and shape of your mirror, you’ll have to eject it and introduce a new one. If you really want to repair your mirror by adding a glass piece or extending the borders, you can reach out to glass specialists to take care of the repair issue.

When replacing your closet door mirror, you’ll require the items and tools we stated earlier in this article and the overall guidelines. The door mirror is held firmly in place by wood molding and cushioned by a light pellet of silicon around the perimeter. Below is the procedure.

Removing the door

We’ll start with interjecting the point of a nail against the hinge pin of your closet door. Push a nail down into the cylindrical hinge fix and tap it using a hammer to drive out the pins. After detaching the pins from the hinges, hold the door carefully with two hands and take it off the frame. Place it down on a flat surface and make sure the interior side that has the pane faces upward. If your door hinges are fixed using screws to the wood, you’ll have to use your screwdriver to remove the hinges.  


 Prying out mold

This is where the putty knife in your toolbox comes to work. After placing the door in the right position, take your putty knife and interject its tip-point in between the wood molds running across the pane’s perimeter. Use the knife to pry the moldings out of the glass’s perimeter. You can introduce a chisel at this stage to dig deeper and remove the moldings keeping the mirror and the door intact.  

 Ejecting molding nails

Looking at the corners of your mirror, you’ll notice some nails going through the molds holding the mirror in place. Use diagonal pliers to extract these 1-inch nails and put them aside for re-installation purposes. Use the pliers, chisel, and putty knife to remove the moldings easily.  

 Removing the Mirror/glass

Using the tip-point of your putty knife, pry up your closet mirror from the door frame and bring it out using your fingers. Do this gently since there might be some molding below the glass holding it. Eject the glass slowly until it successfully comes off the door. Get rid of any residual putty or moldings inside the frame then apply some silicone caulk beads across the perimeter. 

 Inserting the new mirror

Purchasing a new mirror has always been the best answer for homeowners seeking how to fix a cracked mirror closet door. After adding the silicon beads to the door, place the new glass on top and press it down against the silicon to flatten the beads. Place the wood moldings back to the corners where they were initially positioned. Carefully use a harmer, pin nailer, or pliers to nail back the 1-inch nails which play a major role in keeping the closet mirror intact. The nails should be shot at an angle directly above the glass edge and into the sides of the interior door frame. Use molding or putty crayons whose color matches the four corners then put the door back to its hinges.  


 How to fix a cracked mirror closet door- covering cracks

Can someone really repair a mirror crack? Yes, you can! It however depends on how big the crack is and whether a glass piece is missing or not. All you need to have is a stabilizer, a piece of cloth, and resin. Here’s the guideline to fixing closet-door mirror cracks back at home:

  1. Using a soft piece of cloth, clean the cracked area to get rid of dirt.
  2. Add a stabilizer to the cracked part
  3. Put the resin through the stabilizer into the crack.  
  4. Leave the resin to cure before peeling off the top resin layer and cleaning the closet mirror.  


Homeowners can now fix a cracked mirror closet door by themselves. However, sometimes the damage, crack or breakdown might seem out of hand. Hereby, you’ll have to contact glass/mirror professionals to help you do the fixing on your cracked mirror closet door.  

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