What kind of paint to use on porcelain?

You can create pictures, patterns, and paintings on porcelain tiles, glass, or other ceramic materials with porcelain painting. Some painters draw from taken images and pictures, while others brainstorm and come up with pictorial ideas. You can draw flowers, color patterns, people, and even animals on porcelain as long as you understand the process. First, you’ll have to determine what kind of paint to use on porcelain. Some painters might advise you to use acrylics since they are quite easy to use. Acrylics achieve an amazing and satisfying finish, but they tend to scrap after a while.  

 Porcelain painting is not like ordinary painting since painting on such slick surfaces can be quite challenging. It entails a couple of concepts whereby special paint is required and a kiln for the firing process. The porcelain painting process can take several hours since the porcelain tile or blank must undergo a few processes. For perfect results, you have to make your paintings on the tile, fire it in a kiln then leave them to cool. 


What is the best paint for porcelain tiles?

To make sure the painting turns out perfectly well, you’ll have to buy oil-based paint, i.e., enamel paint. Painters can select from a wide range of enamel paint colors from their local ‘art and craft’ store. Acrylic paints can be an option too, but you’ll have to consider the best quality in this class.

 When choosing the right paint, you’ll need a paint that will sync well with the glaze and dry perfectly. No one wants a paint that will start fading off over time, do you? 

Choosing the best paint for porcelain

Before we look at a few color choices that are best for your ceramics and tiles, let’s look-see the factors one considers when determining what kind of paint to use on porcelain.  


Upon deciding on the picture, pattern, or object, you’re going to paint on the porcelain, you’ll select the colors of paint you’ll require. Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of colors and color shades you can choose from.  


Every painter hates retouching a painting after completion just because it faded or scratched. This is always a result of purchasing the wrong paints for your ceramics. These slick surfaces demand a specific type of paint that sticks to the piece. Therefore, you have to consider paints that will not chip, fade or become translucent in the future.  


Porcelain painters are recommended to leave their pieces to cure after the painting and firing process. Go for paints that have the 48-hour air drying capability or those you can easily cure through baking. Nothing is disappointing like a painting that’s taking forever to heal especially if you’re going for multiple layers. Don’t forget to consider the curing period since it’s a key factor when figuring out what kind of paint to use on porcelain. 

 Dish-washer and food safety

If you’re about to use the paint to decorate and design kitchen tiles, make sure the paint you’re using is approved for kitchen ceramics decorations. This measure ensures that the painted objects or utensils are safe to use around the kitchen after curing. If you’re painting some plates or utensils generally, you should be careful about it and make sure it’s done correctly. Use the paint to decorate the outside of your cup, mug, or plate to achieve a cool and satisfying design.  


The best ceramic paints are usually perfectly pigmented. The pigments introduce boldness to the specific color and an awesome even coverage when painting.  Following the factors and considerations above, you can now easily select the best enamel paint for your porcelain tiles.  


Best paints for porcelain

1. FolkArt enamel  

The folk-art enamel ceramic and glass paint come along with a wide palette of colors that are specifically meant for shading and blending. This ceramic paint is dish-washer safe and food-safe too. The folk art paints bring bold opaque color to the porcelain. This opaque color dries off after curing, and it doesn’t scratch or scrapes off after a while. This enamel paint comprises various specialized finish paints such as chalk, neon, enamel, and even neon. The above water-based enamel paint has been acknowledged to be used by kids since it is non-toxic. It can also air-dry after firing if you don’t have a kiln. You can, however, bake it to fasten the curing process. 

 2. Pebeo Ceramic paint

This opaque-liquid paint is oil-based, and it dries perfectly to a layer of enamel coating. One can mix this ceramic paint with others to develop lovely patterns and combos that will leave you fascinated. Pebeo ceramic enamel has a wide collection of 28 colors that painters can choose from. You can apply this paint to objects (painting) using a regular painting brush, a dropper, or basically by splattering, pouring it from the bottle, or even by dripping it. Enjoy the thick film finish from this paint when it cures and dries. It’s always amazing! You can search for more paints that are the best when painting porcelain tiles on Amazons; or your local Art and design store.  

 Frequently asked questions about enamel paints.

What kind of paint to use on porcelain dolls?

Enamel paints are known to be the best option when it comes to porcelain doll painting. Some painters would prefer ‘Golden-brand acrylics’ while others go for Liquitex-tube paints. Let’s not forget the popular china paints since they do the task perfectly as well. When applying, you’ll have to wash and wipe down the doll lightly before coating it with your paint then finally sealing it.  

 Can you paint porcelain with acrylic paint?

 Yes, you can use acrylic paints to paint porcelain and ceramic materials as long as you pick the right type of paint that won’t fade off. If you’re applying acrylic paint on unglazed porcelain, you’ll have to seal it eventually. Typically, acrylics don’t stick to glazed porcelain or ceramics for a long time. That’s why acrylics and glazed ceramics don’t work well together. You’ll finish your piece to see it scrap after a certain while.  

 What kind of paint to use on the porcelain sink?

All painters are recommended to use enamel paints when painting their porcelain sinks. We should make sure the surrounding is well ventilated when spraying your kitchen as well as toilet sinks. After spraying the surface and finishing it, leave the spray paint for up to 20 minutes to let it dry.  

 What kind of paint to use on porcelain plates?

When painting anywhere around the kitchen section, we should always ensure the paint we’re using is non-toxic, dish-washable, or food-safe. The water-based enamel paints are specialized in glass and ceramic painting. You’re advised to purchase FolkArt enamel paints for your porcelain plates since it’s proven scratch-resistant and more durable than other paints.  


How can I make the paint stay on the ceramic? 

Making the used paint stay on the ceramic or porcelain tile will depend on the type of paint you apply on the tile. Some paints tend to take a longer curing period than others. In such cases, air-drying might take forever. Therefore, you’re advised to bake the painted piece in an oven or fire it in a kiln.  

 Can one use spray paint on porcelain? 

Yes, some painters prefer using spray paints instead of brushes. You can freely use spray paint as long as it’s the right and recommended one. Painters and designers are advised to choose the best quality spray paints. This is to make sure the paint stays intact to avoid falling off after a certain duration.  

 Can I use Acrylic paints for porcelain or ceramic mugs?  

Of course, you can use Acrylics to paint your ceramic materials and objects. You’ll, however, have to check and ensure you purchase the best quality that will finish well and last on the porcelain for a long. You can visit your local art and design store to inquire about the best acrylic paints for porcelain. Moreover, you can purchase these paints on Amazon, and they’ll be delivered to you in no time.  


 We believe finding out what kind of paint to use on porcelain is a piece of cake now. We’ve listed two examples of the best paints for your ceramic and porcelain painting in the text above. Use the guidelines and factors outlined above to choose a paint that will last instead of chipping, cracking, or falling off over time. You can now paint and achieve fascinating designs across your house using the best stunning finishing colors you have access to.

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